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Technology brands and Influencer Marketing : 5 Successful Campaigns

Today, while the sector of new technologies and the high-tech is used to entrust its campaigns and its products to experts, the tendency is reversed somewhat and pushes more and more companies to trust the KOLs, who are definitely not considered anymore as advertising panels. Proud of their values and of what they convey as an image, brands from all horizons trust them even when it is about products with strong technical values.

quatre téléphones de couleurs différentes
quatre téléphones de couleurs différentes

Dyson Ambassadors

In this wave of responsible influence, one brand stands out more than the others in terms of brand image and technology, we are obviously talking about Dyson. Whether it’s for its everyday products for the home, vacuum cleaners, purifiers, lamps or for haircare products such as hair dryers, hair straighteners and AirWrap, the brand has positioned itself on a high-end market with unique technologies with the promise of making daily life easier.

For the launch of a new color, or a new version of a product, Dyson calls on its many ambassadors like @sachitaa.s who shares with her 77K followers on Instagram, the value of one Dyson product over another. The brand’s concept is based on its advanced and unique technology, a selling point that makes it easy for KOLs to work with consumers who are already convinced by the futurism of Dyson products. Seasonality is a crucial moment not to be missed for brands in general, but even more so for this one, which recycles its products in new colors rather than creating a new concept that would cost a lot of money in terms of development and technology and would require years of design. Like the Valentine’s Day 2023 campaign, Dyson is releasing its flagship products in a unique limited edition color that creates a scarcity phenomenon on a product that is actually available all year round.

The rarity of its color, propelled by influencer campaigns present on social networks, it’s the perfect mix selling products all year round. Dyson has a second string to its bow when it comes to putting consumers at the heart of its products, the brand puts KOLs at the heart of its products but they are primary users. @kimberleybudinksy the Dyson user from A to Z,  highlights the different ranges of Dyson products while involving her family and her daily life. She likes the brand’s products, despite their high prices, and does not hide from integrating these tech objects in her daily life because they now also meet the need for the design and not just efficiency.

Dyson’s marketing strategy doesn’t stop at the doors of social networks. Not only did the brand partner with several hair salons or stores around the world, but it is also present on most fashion week shows, these same events that are propelled on social networks thanks to the influencers that are now invited to sit in the front row.

The Preview in the Gaming World

On a different note, the recent release of the game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacywent viral, initially on targeted platforms such as Twitch and quickly in the digital universe worldwide. Fans of the universe have been waiting for the release of the game for years and the reactions are  clear, they were not disappointed.

With impressive graphics, advanced features and respect for the magical universe, the promise has been respected as a whole. Double marketing success, it is only possible to play the game on a computer or a PlayStation 5, the same console that keeps running out of stock since its release in 2020.

Frustration is an exceptional sales lever for brands and when two such popular universes come together, it becomes explosive. PlayStation sales, for the lucky ones, have increased and Sony has finished  establishing its notoriety on the market, as for the game, it is estimated that almost 12m games have been sold in the world.

Many influencers have been activated to promote the video game via several channels, from Real to live through sponsored posts, the communication around the game has invaded all social media platforms. Some were able to test it in preview with the order to share their impressions, their reactions and their emotions with their communities as @KhrazeGaming to its 434K subscribers on YouTube.

We find here the original format of the tech world, testing the game and the features and then presenting it to the public, YouTube and Twitch have become in a few hours the sharing space par excellence for content creators and their fans. For consumers, an early release of the game was also available at a higher price than the initial price, this early access allowed them to play it in advance and it is once again a masterstroke from the distributors. On TikTok today, the hashtag #hogwartslegacy gathers 5.8bn views, on Twitch, the topic gathers 547K followers and many influencers from all over the World who have a common goal: finishing the game and testing it in all its aspects. An unprecedented impact and resonance for a video game.

When Tourism and experience Merge With Unu


Tech is everywhere. On the contrary, these new technologies are not only reserved for digital media. Whether in the kitchen or  e-mobility, the high-tech and especially the design aspect of a product is propelled to the forefront of the stage in front of a more ordinary object.  The German brand of electric scooters Unu was able to make the technology bend and stand out from the big groups that are already well established or thermal scooters.

Founded in 2013, the company initially released a few scooters for sale in Europe without actually producing the finished product. After years of use and improvement, the brand is now present in 6 European cities: Berlin, Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich and Hamburg. The Unu scooter is made on the modifications that the customers might suggest, it is a “user-centric” product that was born thanks to digitality and continues to live thanks to the technology. The brand offers two scooters, one classic that takes advantage of all the technology of the Unu electric, and the other that has all the options: assistance, support, application and cloud to connect his scooter to his phone and therefore to his daily life.

At its official launch, Unu invaded Europe by providing vehicles to be used by influencers promising the discovery  of your own city in a new way. Today, it is among the most responsible and connected brands in terms of micro-mobility and has chosen influencers in its image like @trickytine who presents the concept to its 33K followers on Instagram, that even the waiting list to get their new limited edition product has opened.

The Beauty World Goes High-Tech

In the world of beauty, high-tech products manage to make a place for themselves without becoming indispensable. Yves Saint Laurent Beauty has managed to create a buzz with the release of the “Rouge sur mesure”, a tech product that allows you to create the color of your choice. 3 cartridges to be slipped into the device, which, connected to the application will be  mixed to get the perfect dose of lipstick that it is  needed for the day.

The application itself offers a wide range of colors as well as a filter system that allows you to see the color directly on your face. The idea is to be able to choose the perfect red to accompany the consumer and to be able to unclip the compact from its base for a product that helps you from morning to night. Many KOLs received the product to promote it like @katamogz who presents it to his 2.5m followers on TikTok but who refers to YouTube for the long and detailed version.

Even if today the product of Yves Saint Laurent has not reached the bathrooms of the world, especially because of its high price for a niche object, the technology used is still very interesting for a whole sector. The #yslrougesurmesure has 21m views on TikTok and hundreds of influencers like @munirah_makeup or @victoriagrosu in Athens have seized the phenomenon that won the Best of Beauty Award Winner by Allure in 2022 in the category Breakthroughs with 6 other products.

Making the Inaccessible Accessible With Adobe

If collaborations are obvious when it comes to promoting tech products, promoting a digital tool is more difficult. One brand stands out from the crowd and manages to communicate with the general public on its digital product, which was originally intended only for a seasoned target: Adobe. This legendary software suite that makes creative people dream all over the world was until now an inaccessible tool because of the complexity of its features but also because of its price.

However, today using Adobe is not only within the reach of all but the suite is  open to all points of view. Its elitist aspect has disappeared to make room for its artistic side in its entirety whether in its universe or  in its way of communicating to recover a little light following the arrival of Canva in our daily lives in 2013.

Digitalization makes it accessible to everything that  was not originally accessible, and being able to create and innovate is also part of it with solutions requiring less technical skills. Whether it’s with softwares such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign or even the aptly named Adobe Spark, the brand has been able to highlight the importance of its tools that allow you to go further in creation and finally challenge yourself, how? Thanks to Influence Marketing.

Social networks have seen Adobe campaigns arrive in the feeds and campaigns carried by KOLs around the world like @haveanicedayy_, who is an accomplished 2.0 artist who shares her tips with her community without forgetting to mention Adobe. With Instagram, TikTok and YouTube Adobe has been able to spread its expertise all over the world and  to all of its targets. With its Instagram account @Adobedesign (349K followers on Instagram), the brand puts its users at the heart of its campaigns and products with Reels like their collaboration with @we.are.raya or @yourbuddymeg.

Whether it’s on project follow-ups, tutorials or fictitious projects, the idea is above all to push talents to use their tools. The virality of the TikTok trend “AccidentallyWesAnderson” also allows highlighting the editing and colorization software of the suite, without the person being an ambassador like @irinahp and his colorful TikTok formats. Today, knowing how to use the Adobe suite is above all a pride but also belonging to a creative and active community that wants to create and for some to sell these same creations on platforms like Etsy.

It’s important to remember that tech today knows all the strategies of  good communication and marketing strategies. It is also increasingly found on popular platforms through influencer campaigns accompanied by committed ambassadors and relevant KOLs who reflect and convey the values of the various brands. In the coming years, tech brands will exploit viral and sales formats while keeping an eye on the ethical aspect and the respect of their values. Consumers will always be looking for authentic advice and recommendations when it comes to products with particular technical specifications, and influencers will always be present to make a product attractive to the largest number of people.

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