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The Best Black Friday Influencer Marketing Campaigns 2022

In recent years, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have proven to be among the biggest online shopping events of the year. However, holiday season sales will increase less than they did in 2021, according to industry studies. But what do successful Black Friday influencer marketing campaigns look like? We present four of the best Black Friday influencer marketing campaigns in 2022.

Black Friday Tag
Black Friday Tag

Key Takeaways

  • Black Friday: 141m Americans want to shop during the week, and sales will increase up to 8%
  • These five Black Friday influencer marketing campaigns caught our eye in particular: Fashion retailer NA-KD, baby product maker Tubby Todd, underwear brand MeUndies and beauty label Kopari.

Statistics for Black Friday 2022

The so-called Cyber Week spans from Black Friday, the first Friday after Thanksgiving in the U.S., to “Small Business Saturday” and “Cyber Monday” and is one of the highest sales shopping weeks of the year. Thus, circa 141 million Americans plan to use the week of discounts to do some of their (Christmas) shopping, according to research by Finder.

The prognosis for 2022 expects a renewed, but lower sales increase of 6 to 8% compared to the previous year. By comparison to 2021, sales for the holidays increased a record 13.5% in 2021, and typically the average increase in sales within a year is 4.9%. However, Christmas sales this year are generally not at risk despite inflation, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF) in the US. The NRF estimates 2022 Christmas sales to be between $942.6b and $960.4b.

GenZ will be particularly interesting for your influencer marketing on Black Friday and Black Week, as 75% of young people plan to shop on said days. While another 84% think value for money is right on those days, the generation, in general, spends less than $345 per person. Read how to target GenZ in general with your influencer marketing campaign on the Kolsquare blog.

E-commerce is booming, that’s no surprise. Consequently, 69% of consumers will shop online on Black Friday. Drive Research shows that 33% of people will store online more than last year. This is where GenZ comes into play again. They, just like Millennials and women in general, plan to secure bargains online. In addition, in 2022, it’s not just online, it’s mobile. According to the report, 42% of all sales will likely be made on smartphones, which is 2% more than in 2021.

Yet, away from the numbers and towards the examples! Accordingly, we present four best-practice influencer marketing campaigns for Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Instagram and TikTok 2022 with a mix of campaigns and industries.

Black Friday and Influencer Marketing

Black Friday and Cyberweek are great times to work with influencers to get your promo codes and discounts to the right audience quickly. We advise you not (only) to recruit new influencers for your Black Friday campaigns, but to benefit from old and existing partnerships. Especially if you work with brand ambassadors, you can market Black Friday and Christmas sales in an authentic way. By using these three ways, you can turn your influencers into brand ambassadors!

Since Black Friday offers are only valid for a limited time, you should use all social networks to generate as much reach as possible. As with any influencer marketing campaign, it’s important for Cyber week that your content matches the style of the influencers. You can only benefit from this, as influencers can help you build loyalty for your brand and establish product lines. Even though Black Friday 2022 is already over, keep in mind next year to prepare partnerships and discount promotions early for the fall sales highlight.

Four examples of influencer marketing campaigns for Black Friday and Cyber week 2022

Ideas for influencer marketing campaigns for Black Friday and Cyber week don’t reinvent the wheel. Of course, you should react to current trends, but the idea remains the same. You want to give something back to your followers and brand fans. Promo or referral codes, email marketing, free shipping, or free bonuses are great ideas to promote your Black Friday deals with Influencer-Marketing.

Black Friday with NA-KD

Online fashion retailer NA-KD specializes in influencer marketing, among other things, and often works with influencers for capsule collections or promo codes. For Black Friday, NA-KD advertised big discounts for various categories and even the entire range.

Brand Ambassador Program for Black Friday Like Tubby Todd

Tubby Todd is a baby personal care brand that uses its brand ambassador program for its Black-Friday and Cyber-Monday promotions. Co-owner Andrea Faulkner Williams recently explained that they send gift boxes of their most popular products to top ambassadors. All ambassadors who agreed to post content around Black Friday and Tubby Todd’s promotions received an additional 50% credit on their purchase at the Tubby Todd store. The brand has a very clearly defined target audience that it knows how to appeal to directly.

Virtual Events on Black Friday with MeUndies

As the cozy season begins, we spend more time at home with our loved ones. MeUndies, the underwear brand, knows how to take advantage of that. MeUndies mainly markets itself on Facebook and Instagram, but also has an account on TikTok and loves to organize virtual events for consumers and influencers.

For Cyber week, the brand combined offers with a virtual shopping event that lasted six days. Every day there were promotions for different products from the online store.

Vivid Community with Kopari Beauty

Beauty products made from coconut oil are the business model of Kopari Beauty. The brand combines health with sustainability and works with influencers based on these values. For Black Friday, Kopari is already recommending Christmas gifts that have been promoted by influencers using affiliate links and discount codes.

This is how Kopari works with affiliate campaigns, which is a wonderful way to cooperate with influencers. How to run an affiliate campaign with influencers in five easy steps.

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