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Top 10 Spanish Travel Influencers on Instagram 2023

Travel influencers on social media have positioned themselves as the new way of exploring the world. With their captivating images, they have the power to attract millions of followers, virtually transporting them to heavenly destinations and awakening the spirit of adventure. Thanks to this inspiring environment, brands find in these creators the ideal showcase to promote their products or services, creating authentic links with their target audiences. If your company is considering developing a marketing strategy with influencers, here we share our top 10 hottest travel Instagrammers in Spain, with ample potential for growth in 2023.

femme assise à côté de palmiers
femme assise à côté de palmiers

Key Takeaways

  • Travel influencers have an impact on consumer decisions and their ability to promote destinations and services, making them valuable partners for travel brands.
  • Vlogs, luxury travel and family travel are among the most popular content in this niche on social media.
  • Discover the top 10 Spanish influencers on Instagram who generate impactful content with their communities and can represent opportunities for your future marketing campaigns.

What Does It Mean to Be a Travel Influencer?

Travel influencers are people who focus their content on sharing travel experiences, inspiring others to explore new destinations and providing recommendations on places to visit, activities, accommodation, food and other aspects of travel adventures.

Influencers in this niche market often specialize in the travel industry and leverage their online presence to create a community of followers interested in travel. Through visually appealing content, such as photos and videos, they communicate personal experiences, useful tips, destinations and product reviews.

For marketers working in the tourism and travel sectors, collaborating with this type of influencer can be highly advantageous, as they can become brand ambassadors, reach a wide audience, build trust and influence the purchasing decisions of the target audience. This impact, combined with their ability to promote destinations and services, makes them valuable partners for brands in this sector.

What Impact Do Influencers Have on the Travel Industry?

The impact of influencers on the travel industry is remarkable. They have managed to alter the way people are inspired, and how they plan and make travel decisions. They were also able to change the way brands and destinations promote their products and services.

The large follower base and trusted relationship mean that by developing collaborations with influencers, the reach of messages is wider and therefore, brand exposure is much greater.

Similarly, travel influencers tend to specialize in specific niches, such as luxury travel, adventure, backpacking, family travel, etc. Working with an influencer whose profile matches your brand’s values and objectives can help you reach a more targeted audience that’s more interested in what you offer. This will enable you to target your marketing efforts more precisely and effectively.

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The Types of Travel Content That Work Best on Instagram

Today, it’s possible to identify certain types of content in the travel category that tend to work successfully and generate more interactions with communities on Instagram. In this list, we share with you some of the topics that work best and could be the ideal niche to boost your marketing campaign:

Guides and Recommendations

Influencers often share guides and recommendations on destinations, hotels, restaurants, activities and other travel-related aspects. With these posts on their Instagram accounts, they provide practical information and useful tips to help followers plan their own trips. They can include lists of the best places to visit, recommended itineraries, packing tips and much more.

Instagramers on Video: Travel Vlogs

Vlogs are videos that document influencers’ travel experiences. These videos often include first-person shots, stories, tips and recommendations about the destinations visited. Vlogs allow followers to feel as if they’re traveling with the influencer and get a more detailed insight into their experiences.

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Luxury Travel

Luxury is a category that has gained a lot of ground among travel Instagrammers. Through their posts and stories, they share their experiences in restaurants, hotels, luxury boutiques and other dream locations, giving ideas and recommendations to their followers. Thanks to the success of influencer collaborations, luxury brands across all sectors have been seduced by the results, making partnerships increasingly common.

Travelling Families

On Instagram, there are various profiles of parents who share their itinerant lifestyle with their children. These accounts are dedicated to documenting family travel experiences, providing inspiration and advice for other parents and families who want to explore the world together. These profiles often focus on family destinations and activities, and provide useful information on how to travel with children and create special memories and bonds along the way.

They often generate a special bond with audiences thanks to the authenticity of their messages, making them the ideal platform for travel companies looking to create their guidelines more naturally.

Spanish Backpackers and Adventurers

Adventurous and backpacker influencers share detailed routes and itineraries for exciting and adrenaline-filled journeys. These can include mountain hikes, jungle crossings, cave exploration, water activities and much more. They can also provide advice on the right equipment, safety precautions and how to prepare for these adventures.

Inspirational Photos

Instagram is the ideal platform for this type of content creator. Instagram accounts dedicated to travel photography manage to capture wonderful landscapes through their cameras. In many cases, these influencers are professional photographers or simply passionate photographers who use composition, lighting and editing techniques to create unique and impactful images.

Travel tips and tricks:

This type of content tends to go viral, not only on Instagram but also on other platforms such as TikTok and Facebook, due to the usefulness of tips that optimize other travelers’ experiences. These can be money-saving tips, transportation recommendations, tricks for avoiding crowds, suggestions for a better travel experience, etc.

Spain's Top 10 Travel Influencers on Instagram 2023

In this list, you’ll find the 10 most influential personalities on Instagram in the travel sector, based on data from Kolsquare’s influencer identification platform:

1.  Rebeca Stones

Rebeca conquered social media at an early age. At just 11, she opened her YouTube channel, and a few months later managed to reach 600,000 subscribers on the platform. She went on to appear on Disney’s JaJa Show and write a novel entitled Timantti. She is currently enjoying a successful career as an influencer, being considered one of the top influencers focused on travel and other topics such as beauty, fashion, accessories and lifestyle.

Looking at her stats, we see that she currently has 821,000 followers, with an average engagement on her posts of 5.86% and her reels of 6.5%. Her audience credibility score is 77.

Kolsquare clarification: This score corresponds to the percentage of followers based on real people (i.e. not bots or fake followers). The closer it is to 100, the more trustworthy the community is.  A good credibility score starts at 70.

We can also point out that her audience is 89.7% female and 19.3% male, mainly from Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia.

2. Danna Ponce- danielagartija

In the second place, we have Instagrammer Danna Ponce with 242k followers. Danna is an expert traveler and has an amazing lifestyle. Her path to success began on YouTube with her channel “El Mundo de Mia“, where she shares vlogs about her family life and motherhood.

The average engagement rate on her posts is 9.16% and her reels is 6.77%. Her audience credibility score is 89 and over 93% of her followers are women. This profile would be ideal for marketers looking to create targeted campaigns for female audiences. Spain and Argentina are the two countries where the majority of her audience is concentrated.

3. Claudia Martínez

Claudia Martínez is a young Catalan woman, known for her participation in the TV show “Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa”. She is currently a famous influencer whose content focuses on travel, inspiration and lifestyle. Her passion for travel has led to several collaborations with brands and visits to dream locations that inspire her community.

On her Instagram account, she has 732k followers and an average engagement rate on her posts of 7.08% and 2.07% on reels. Her audience credibility is 74 points. This audience is mainly located in Spain, where 69% are women and the remaining 31% are men.

4. Rodrigo Aitor

Rodrigo is passionate about adventure and discovering every corner of the world. Accompanied by his dog Koda, he has traveled to many countries on his motorcycle with a sidecar. The charm of his story has won over many hearts, and today more than 253k people follow him on his Instagram account.

Analyzing Kolsquare’s Influencers platform, we see that the average engagement of his posts is 3.68% and his reels 6.29%. His audience, which breaks down into 59.4% women and 40.6% men, is based in Spain, Argentina and Mexico. His current audience credibility score is 88 points.

5. I Marta Travels

This remarkable digital content creator shares projects for Spain and the world, traveling to dream locations. She is currently followed by 232,000 people on her Instagram account, and thanks to her quality content, she has managed to consolidate a community on TikTok with over 284,000 followers.

Regarding the numbers, her average engagement rate is 2.54% for her posts and for her reels, the engagement rate is 2.43%. In addition, she has a Kolsquare credibility score of 86 points.

On the other hand, 62.6% of her audience are women and 37.4% are men who live in Spain and, to a lesser extent, Argentina and Colombia.

6.  MolaViajar

Molaviajar was born in 2008 as a travel blog with references and has been sharing its passion for travel with its audience ever since. Subsequently, they created their accounts on various social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, consolidating a large community in each of them. What began as a hobby, sharing their travels with friends became their profession.

Adrián Rodríguez and Gosia Bendrat, along with their children Daniela and Óliver, are the ones who bring all the MolaViajar stories to life.

They currently have 217,000 followers on Instagram with an average engagement rate of 3.41% on their posts and 1.81% on their reels. They have an excellent audience credibility score of 86 points. Over 70% of their followers are women who are located between Spain and Argentina.

7. Cuadernodeviaje_

Dennís and Gabi are a couple who share their passion for exploration and world travel. On their Instagram account, which boasts 203k followers, they upload photos and videos with practical tips, exceptional itineraries, secrets and heavenly destinations to visit. In addition, they have a travel blog where they offer guides by country, highlighting the best places to visit while traveling.

The quality of their content production can be an asset for brands looking to develop collaborations with influencers in this category.

Looking at their stats, they have an average engagement rate on their reels of 9.18% and audience credibility score of 78 points. As for the demographics of their followers, 65.4% are women and 34.6% are men, who mainly live in Spain, Argentina and Colombia.

8. viajeroscallejeros

In this profile, you’ll find the world’s most dazzling places. Vanessa and Roger, the couple behind this account, are lovers of world travel and adventure. So they decided to share their experiences through the networks, offering travel guides, discounts on travel insurance and much more. All this information is available in their biographies. Also read: How to Make a Winning Instagram Bio.

On this social network, they have 275,000 followers and an average engagement rate of 1.53% on both their posts and reels. Their audience credibility score is very well consolidated with 83 points on the Kolsquare scale. As for the profile of its community, 70.5% are women and 29.5% are men. Finally, its audience is split between Spain, Mexico and Argentina.

9. Igna Ferriol

Igna Ferriol is a photographer from the Canary Islands who decided to change his traditional job and travel the world with his faithful border Collie Hanna. Together, they visit the world and share their milestones on social networks.

Thanks to their high-quality photos and videos, over 158,000 people are part of their community on Instagram. Precisely this connection with their audience is reflected in their statistics. The average engagement rate of their posts is 6.16% and that of their reels is 10.79%. Her audience credibility is 89 points, and demographic information shows that 74.2% of her followers are women and the remaining 25.8% are men, mainly from Spain, Argentina and the USA.

10. Viajando juntos

Laura and Alex are a couple of adventurous dreamers who travel the world with a backpack. As well as having a blog where they share all about their visits, they’ve created a close relationship with their followers on Instagram.

They currently have 155k followers on Instagram and the average engagement rate of their posts is 2.21%, while on their reels, the engagement rate is 7.89%. The credibility score of their audience is 79 points, with over 70% of whom are women from Spain, Brazil and the USA.

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