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Top 5 Health Influencers to follow for the right practices

In this particular period of crisis linked to Covid-19, Kolsquare proposes a top 5 health influencers to follow in order to know the right gestures and fight against the pandemic.

Today, the information can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, and Twitter. Many influencers doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are followed and listened to by thousands of Internet users, ready to follow their precious advice to the letter.

The K.O.L (Key Opinion Leaders) have a proven power of prescription since 61% of consumers interact with an influencer at least once a day (Rakuten Marketing).

On social media, health influencers have always had a strong impact. From now on and according to the current particular situation, they see their audiences grow strongly and their number of followers increases. Considered as everyday heroes, they do not hesitate to share their health tips and their daily work as caregivers.

But then, who are these influencers really? Kolsquare made the top 5 of the most influential and active health influencers on the subject of Covid-19. This data is derived from our Influencer Marketing technology solution and our expertise in the Influence market.

Les Conseils Pharma De Léa

Engagement rate: 2%

Gender of the majority audience: 90% of women

Audience share in France: 85.20%

Majority age of the audience: 25-34 years old

Lea is a pharmacist with 24.7K subscribers to Instagram. On a daily basis, the influencer shares her advice on how to detect the symptoms of the virus and what to do during a crisis (taking medication, testimonials, etc.). Authentic and close to her community, she does not hesitate to show the reality of the situation for doctors, who are, for the most part, deprived of masks but must continue to practice their profession.

To make an impression and make a difference, Léa also knows how to take the situation with a characteristic touch of humor.


Engagement rate: 6.65%

Gender of the majority audience: 80% of women

Audience share in France: 83.20%

Majority age of the audience: 18-24 years old

AviScène is an influencer present on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter but also on Youtube. On his various social networks, he doesn’t hesitate to share what he experiences as a doctor, on the front line of the crisis. Not wanting to let people panic because of possible “fake news” feeds, AviScène recommends listening only to the government’s recommendations and encourages his community to respect the measures.


Engagement rate: 15.2%

Gender of the majority audience: 83% of women

Audience share in France: 83.93%

Majority age of the audience: 18-24 years old

LeDrMus uses social media to talk about his daily life in the health field. Recently, he posted a video on Youtube to cover all the news related to the coronavirus crisis, while reminding his subscribers to turn to official organizations if they need more information.

The influencer wants to convey good practices, telling to respect the containment set up by the government. His community knows that he is available to answer their questions on the subject in all honesty.

Paola Carla

Engagement rate: 12.9%

Gender of the majority audience: 96% of women

Audience share in France: 86.15%

Majority age of the audience: 25-34 years old

This anesthesiologist, with 21.2K followers to Instagram, is committed to boosting the morale of caregivers who work every day to save lives. Every evening at 8 p.m., she films the tribute to the medical profession and even goes so far as to approach florists to offer their stock to the anonymous heroes of her neighborhood.

Marine Lorphelin

Engagement rate: 4.56%

Gender of the majority audience: 69% of women

Audience share in France: 76.80%

Majority age of the audience: 25-34 years old

The former Miss France Marine Lorphelin converted internally to general medicine, is a real source of information (and inspiration) on the field of health. She does not hesitate to show the daily life of hospitals, with the difficult and exhausting guards, the shortage of masks among doctors or by saluting the courage of her colleagues.

Marine is trying to inform its community as much as possible about the best practices to follow, about the progress of the pandemic or by advising them to visit official sites (especially government sites).

Would you like to know more health influencers profiles to follow? Get more statistics? Contact our dedicated experts now.

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