Take advantage of product placement with an influencer clip!

Captivate your audience on video, using an influencer to present your brand.
Mar 2019


Would you like to associate your brand with the image of a carefully-selected star? To do this, are you seeking the perfect ambassador and the right medium for your advertising? By using video product placement in a celebrity video, you’ll develop a close relationship with your consumers while reaching a wide audience!

Product placement: an effective business strategy

Product placement is not a conventional advertising technique, insofar as brands don’t address their target market directly to attempt to encourage them to find out about their offers, in order to achieve higher conversion rates. On the contrary, product placement is an original and subtle advertising medium, offering two advantages that you won’t find with conventional adverts and posters:

  • Firstly, it lets you expose your brand to potential consumers via a medium that they enjoy: the audience that watches the clip of a celebrity on television or online is focused and doesn’t seek to avoid the advert at all costs. You thereby create a feeling of closeness with them, by naturally exposing how your product might be used.
  • You also benefit from the visibility and reputation of the celebrity with whom you are collaborating for the video. The celebrity’s entire community watches the video concerned and shares it on social networks, and this is what causes a positive transfer of opinions between them and your brand.

For product placement with impact, contact the right celebrity!

Since the video will first be seen by the entire community of the person being filmed, it is essential to contact the most suitable celebrity for your project. Yet, managing to find this star in an empirical way is both risky and time-consuming. It’s for this reason that Kolsquare has perfected its own tech platform that highlights the right personality for product placement in a video, based on your own decision-making criteria. It also allows you to create a contract with this celebrity directly online, after having contacted them via our platform.