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Navigating Influencer Marketing Laws in Germany: the Complete Guide

Influencer marketing under the microscope: The German legal framework compared to Europe

Your guide through the jungle of German influencer laws

The influencer marketing landscape has become complex; Germany's advertising laws are a source of confusion for both marketers and influencers. Strict controls and constantly changing regulations challenge brands and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) alike.

This 30-page guide includes an in-depth analysis of the specific legal requirements for influencer marketing in Germany, as well as a comprehensive comparison with the most important European markets, including France, Spain, the UK, and Italy.

As part of the guide's publication, Kolsquare also presents the newly developed and unique compliance score function, which allows brands and agencies to assess at a glance whether a KOL complies with labelling requirements.

Thanks to this technical solution, the study's authors were able to analyse 1.2 million Instagram posts and reels in Germany and 1.9 million in France.Now, the big question arises: which country is ahead when it comes to labelling sponsored posts? Are there differences in how large KOLs and micro-influencers comply with labelling regulations? And how do brands, advertisers, and, of course, content creators feel about it all?

Find out in our guide!


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