Finding influencers on Twitter

How to find the most relevant Twitter Influencer for your influencer marketing campaign
Mar 2019


Consumer behaviour has changed. They no longer want to submit to advertising: on the contrary, they want to enjoy the advantages whilst being active themselves.

Proof of this would be the 25 million tweets connected to adverts that were posted during half-time at the Super Bowl. Twitter specifically meets this need by providing the opportunity to write livetweets during an event.

But the platform also offers many other functions that make it stand out from other advertising methods. Here’s an overview of the advantages of finding a Twitter influencer.

Why choose Twitter?

Twitter is what we call an instantaneous social network. When you tweet, your message will only be seen by your followers for 15 seconds, or may never be seen at all.

The principle behind Twitter is a kind of discussion thread with thousands of people. In general, you follow people who have the same interests as you to see their opinions or news.

As a result, choosing Twitter for your influencer marketing strategy means you are deciding to create a ‘conversation’ with the influencer’s followers.

The aim being that they react by retweeting, liking or responding, so that the message does not get lost too quickly in news feeds. The engagement rate is therefore extremely important for this media.

Twitter: the best product placement platform

Over 6 million French people connect on Twitter every month to get updates on the accounts they follow: 85% of them are aged under 40.

In addition, 55% of this social network’s users visit every day. Executing product placement on Twitter therefore ensures your brand increases its visibility among a young, connected audience (particularly on smartphones which are used by over two thirds of Twitter users), most of whom live in Paris and its surroundings.

By contacting a famous influencer, you are reaching out to particular profiles with an interest in a specific sector: music, fashion, travel, technology, beauty, etc. and you are choosing the size of the community reached by your communication method.

How to find a Twitter influencer

The reach of the network determines the audience held by an influencer, which generally equates to their number of followers. On Twitter, for example, in a category such as beauty, Youtubers now boast more followers than women’s magazines such as Le Figaro, Elle or Closer.

Accounts with the highest influence include EnjoyPhoenix, Caroline et Safia, Horia and Andy.

Having estimated your influencer’s reach, you now need to assess their relevance; in other words, how much trust customers place in this person. Having a lot of followers is a good thing.

Without a doubt. But who are they? Do they tend to be active and retweet your content? A key element will provide the answers: the ratio between the people followed by your target user and their followers. A truly qualified influencer will generally have more people following them than the other way round.

In sectors that call for expertise, such as digital marketing or finance, the quality of the audience has more relevance than the number of followers. For example, Frédéric Cavazza, a blogger and web industry speaker, ‘only’ has 157,000 followers.

But most of them are digital entrepreneurs and professionals. The same applies to influencers in the finance sector such as Alban Jarry and Marie-Christine Lanne who have under 50,000 followers but are renowned as influential experts in their field.

Kolsquare: the platform that supports you with your influencer marketing projects

To enable you to call upon the most suitable Twitter influencer for your project, we have developed Kolsquare. This Influencer Marketing platform enables you to view the profiles of more than 1 million influencers and access exclusive information about them.

Once you have selected your influencers on our platform, you will be put in contact with the influencer(s) of your choice ready to set up your Influencer Marketing operation. To ensure the campaign is genuine and take advantage of the sphere of the influencer (otherwise known as the Key Opinion Leader or K.O.L.) you have chosen, you need to grant them a high level of creative freedom to promote your product.