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  • Instagram Kolculator

    Get the price estimation of an Influencer sponsored post and story on Instagram!

    In response to the Influence Marketing players’ needs, Kolsquare launched a free-to-use Instagram calculator to determine the price for an influencer sponsored content : The KOLculator.

    Whether you are a brand, an agency or an influencer, get the estimated value for an influenceur’s Instagram sponsored content (post and story) of your choice. Just enter the influencer’s account pseudo and discover what could be his or her sponsored content pricing range.

    These prices are estimated based on the selected account’s statistics. It is not by any means the price the influencer usually charges for sponsored content, as there are many more indicators other than statistics that can influence the price of a collaboration.

    How is this price estimated?

    This sponsored Instagram post and stories (3 on average) price estimate is a formula based on market trends and the EMV (Earned Media Value), known and used by a vast majority of brands and agencies to track the ROI of their Influencer Marketing campaigns.

    The EMV takes a range of statistics among which the engagement rate and the number of followers play a big role. The EMV estimates what would have cost a regular offline brand campaign for the same visibility. Read more about the EMV here and more about what to take into consideration on pricing a collaboration with an influencer or brand here.

    Why use Kolsquare’s KOLculator?

    Budget and cost of sponsored contents are in the heart of every discussion, raising with it a lot of questions and uncertainties.

    Only a few reliable sources guide brands and influencers on what the value for these pieces of content is. Influencers tend to underestimate the value their creation brings to the brands they work for. Brands, on the other hand, tend to build their collaboration pricing offers too much on subjective criteria, leading them to overpay influencers for small engaging visibility.

    What about the other social media?

    Influencers registered on Kolsquare (Click here to register now!) have access to a personalised price estimation for their accounts on the following other social media: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and soon TikTok.

    For organisations, charities and agencies looking for complementary information on how to best set-up an Influencer Marketing budget, contact us here.