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Kolsquare Analytics Sidebar

Discover the statistics available through our extension on Google Chrome

Our extension gives you access to numerous statistics on the audience of a KOL (Key Opinion Leader). Both in terms of his subscribers of course, but also on his “likers”, i.e. the profiles of those who have the most interactions with him.

Among the data available, you will be able to find valuable information on content creators, such as :

  • Their automatically calculated engagement rates,
  • The socio-demographic data of their audiences (age range, gender, etc.),
  • The location of their audiences by city and country,
  • The credibility scores of their audiences.


No need to spend hours calculating the engagement rate of this or that profile on countless Excel files. This has become very complicated since Instagram offered content creators the possibility to hide their number of “Likes”.

Thanks to the credibility score, you can also avoid some unpleasant surprises! If you had any doubts about the quality of a KOL’s audience, the credibility score can confirm or refute your doubts. The purpose of the credibility score is to give a score out of 100 to each profile that evaluates the quality of its audience and its commitments. In other words, it is a percentage of followers corresponding to “real people” (i.e. not robots or fake followers).

Save precious time in identifying KOLs’ profiles on Instagram and TikTok

Identifying the right influencer for your Influencer Marketing campaign is increasingly complicated and time consuming as new profiles emerge. Today, there are so many different content creators that it is not always easy to know which ones to choose and activate.  Of course, the content creator should be in line with your values and brand image, but even with these essential criteria, the choice can sometimes be difficult.

Our extension also gives you access to information about the influencer’s main interests, i.e. the topics he or she communicates about the most. This will allow you to know if your brand is in line with the KOL and his or her favourite topics, so you can be sure not to make a mistake.

At a glance, you will now be able to know if the influencer you are considering collaborating with has an audience close to your target customers or not. Are their followers present in the markets where you are established? Do their age and gender match your expectations? Do they speak the same language as you? This is information that is not always easy, if not impossible, to obtain by looking at an Instagram or TikTok profile. In the past, to obtain this type of information you had to contact the influencer beforehand so that they could provide you with their statistics. This could take some time, as influencers are now in high demand. From now on, you won’t waste any more time and will be able to identify and contact the most relevant profiles for you without having to make all the preliminary exchanges to set up a collaboration.

Ready to take the plunge? We explain the steps to download our extension

Would you like to download our extension for free and take advantage of its many benefits right now? We explain the steps to follow! First of all, our extension is available on Google Chrome, so you will need to use this browser to benefit from it. Once on Chrome, you can download the extension directly from the Chrome Web Store.

Once on the page, you just have to click on the button to add the extension to the browser and then accept. Then simply create a free account to take advantage of all the statistics and data offered by our extension. From now on, when you browse Instagram or TikTok, you will be able to see on the right side of your screen, all the information about the influencer in our Kolsquare Analytics Sidebar!

Do you want to go even further in your next Influencer Marketing campaigns? Our complete technological solution allows you to select different profiles and integrate them directly into your projects. You can also contact them directly via our platform, track the impact of the campaigns carried out, compare the influencers activated between them to find out which ones are the most effective and much more!

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