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2022: Germany’s Top 10 Influencers

Nowadays, influencers can significantly boost market values. They are just as coveted as the most successful German soccer players in the German Bundesliga. While men are the ones who dominate the soccer industry, women tend to be the leading German social media stars. Find out everything you need to know about Germany’s top 10 influencers in 2022.

woman representing creativity
woman representing creativity

Firstly, it is useful to take a look at Instagram’s statistics, as it is one of the most popular social networks with over two billion monthly active users (MAUs) and 500 million daily active users (DAUs). For example, images on Instagram have 23% more engagement than on Facebook, and videos even reach 38% more engagement.

Considering that in January 2022, the world’s population was 7.95 billion people, it’s clear to see how big Instagram influencers’ impact can be. From luxury brands to drugstores and small online commerce, everyone wants to work with content creators and use their reach to their own advantage. But those at the top of the rankings are few and far between, as the top 3 have already reached twice the brand value of those in the places four to eleven and even 20 to 100 times the value of those in 20 to 25th place..

Out of the total population of Germany (83.89 million in January 2022), 78.02 million people use the Internet and 29.85 million use Instagram, making the level of Internet penetration in Germany 93% of the total population. Accordingly, the ad reach of Instagram has grown by 35.6% for the total population since the beginning of the year. Users are most interested in news (36.5%), discovering new content (25.5%), and finding out new things to do (23.8%).

Below, Kolsquare will show you the top 10 influencers in Germany, compiled using the Kolsquare database of German and international influencers. Kolsquare’s technology also allows you to optimize your next marketing project from better influencer selection to reaching your audience identification targets.

1. Bibi’s Beauty Place

Bibis Beauty Place

BibisBeautyPalace is Bianca “Bibi” Claßen’s Youtube channel. The German influencer and web video producer’s first video went live in 2012. Since then, the Cologne native has been vlogging about lifestyle, fashion and cosmetics.

Her audience is mostly made up of females (70.60%) aged between 18 and 24 (53%). Bibi’s subscribers are mainly interested in friends and family (40%), fashion (31%) and sports and fitness (27.6%). The 29-year-old has 5.9 million subscriptions on YouTube and 8.1 million followers* on Instagram, with an engagement rate of 4.48%.

2. Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif

In her YouTube bio, Pamela Reif describes herself as “Your online training buddy” and offers free fitness videos and workout plans to her 8.73 million subscribers on the video platform. The 26-year-old has also developed her own app, published two cookbooks, and now sells her own food using her brand “Naturally-Pam”.

Female followers are also the majority in this case (56.8%), albeit by a much smaller margin. The influencer appeals primarily to 25- to 34-year-olds and covers topics such as sport and fitness (55.7%), friends and family (45.4%) and fashion (44.7%). On Instagram, 8.6 million people follow her and engage at a rate of 2.98%.

3. Lisa and Lena

top 10 influencers in Germany

The twins Lisa and Lena Mantler are undoubtedly among the most famous influencers in Germany. In June 2015, they started posting videos on, which as we all know became TikTok. The pair are 20 years old and want to use social media “to draw attention to things that [they] care about,” as they told STERN, the German online magazine, in an interview. Their career aspirations include acting and hosting.

The two girls’ main followers are women (76.1%) aged between 18 and 24 (53.2%). Here, too, they mainly cover the topics of friends and family (32%), fashion (26%) and sports and fitness (23%). Today, the two young women have 17.4 million followers on Instagram, with an engagement rate of 0.46%.

4. Trickytine

Influencers in Germany

Christine Garcia Urbina has been blogging about her passion for cooking since 2014. Just one year later, she won the “best food blog in Germany” award. Since then, the Stuttgart-based blogger has expanded her business and now works in a team of three, including her husband, on recipe videos, e-books and other editorial content.

Her followers, aged between 25 and 34, are mainly female (81.8%), while the main topics are of course restaurants and food (77%) as well as sports and fitness (52%). Christine has 26,400 followers on Instagram, and a rate of engagement of 0.49%.

5. Julien BAM

Top 10 influencers in Germany

Born in Aachen, Germany, Julien Bam is a web video producer, singer, voice actor and podcaster whose real name is Julien Zheng Zheng Kho Budorovits. The YouTuber published his first video in February 2012, and now releases a new video on his channel every Friday.

Julien’s followers are both female (50.8%) and male (49.2%) aged mainly between 18 and 24 years old. They are interested in friends and family (27%), sports and fitness (25.4%) and cameras and photography (19.4%). 5.78 million people follow the 34-year-old on YouTube, 4.5 million on Instagram (engagement rate – 2.2%) and 1.3 million on Tiktok (engagement rate – 17%).

6. Julienco

Germany's top 10 influencers

Julian Claßen, known by the alias Julienco, has been publishing lifestyle videos on his YouTube channel since July 2014. The German web video producer was married to Bibi from BibisBeautyPalace and the couple has two children. In 2016, the Südkurier still wrote about the “German YouTube dream couple”, but in May 2022, the Cologne-based influencer confirmed their separation.

For the most part, the 29-year-old is followed by women (71.6%). The 18- to 24-year-old audience is mainly interested in friends and family (38.2%) and toys and children (21.7%). Four million subscribers* follow him on YouTube, six million on Instagram (engagement rate – 3.95%).

7. Laserluca

Top 10 Influencer in Germany

Luca Tilo Scharpenberg, 26, is a YouTuber, podcaster (“Dick & Doof”) and influencer who sells merch on his webshop. Luca started his internet career with gaming videos that he publishes on his channel that was initially called “ConCrafter”, but has since been renamed “Luca, Luca” and finally “laserluca“.

His followers are both female (49.10%) and male (50.9%) while his target audience is also mainly between 18 and 24 years old (54%). They follow him for content on friends and family (21.7%) and sports and fitness (22%). The Bielefeld-based influencer has 4.68 million followers on YouTube, 3.5 million on Instagram (engagement rate – 6.88%) and 3.1 million on TikTok (engagement rate – 9.4%).

8. Nadine Breaty

Nadine Breaty

The 23-year-old Nadine Breaty started her career as a TikToker and her pranking, dance and lip sync videos went viral. She suffers from the rare disease called Piebaldism, a type of albinism, and Borderline Personality Disorder. She now openly talks about these afflictions on social media and turns them into her strengths.

The audience of the Rostock-born and Berlin-based influencer is mainly male (67.7%), and interested in sports and fitness (32%) and TV and film (28.9%). She is followed by one million people on Instagram (engagement rate – 6.88%) and 9.2 million on TikTok (engagement rate – 1.43%).

9. Julia Beautx

top 10 influencers in Germany

Julia Beautx is an actress, singer, presenter and influencer all rolled into one. Her actual name is unknown. The 23-year-old started her YouTube channel while still in high school in 2013. Since 2018, she has also starred in the ZDF television series “Frühling” and won the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for Germany, Austria, Switzerland in 2019 in the Favorite Social Star category.

Her followers are mostly women aged between 18 and 24 (70%) and are enthusiastic about the topics of friends and family (37%) and sports and fitness (24.6%). On Instagram, she has 3.2 million followers who interact with an engagement rate of 17.7%.

10. MontanaBlack

Germany's top 10 influencers

Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris, better known as MontanaBlack, became famous through his gaming livestreams on Twitch and YouTube videos. He is also one of the most successful carfluencers in Germany.

Read more about influencers in the automotive industry on the Kolsquare blog here.

The 34-year-old is mainly followed by men (83.3%) between 18 and 24 years old (52%) and who are interested in sports and fitness (39.2%), vehicles (32%) and friends and family (29.3%). On Instagram, 3.2 million people follow him, with an engagement rate of 17.7%.

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