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2022 Influencer Statistics on Instagram

Although TikTok is steadily gaining popularity, Instagram remains the main platform to collaborate with influencers in 2022. In fact, 97% of marketing teams think that Instagram is the best and most worthwhile channel for implementing influencer marketing campaigns. That's why we're going to show you the 2022 Instagram influencer stats, which will guide you in your future marketing strategies.


Statistics can be pretty overwhelming, but it’s impossible to imagine marketing without them. With Kolsquare’s all-in-one data-driven solution, we are well aware of how important data is especially when it comes to influencer marketing. With modern technologies such as Big Data, A.I. and Machine Learning, we can help you optimize your influencer marketing campaign. Find out more about influencer marketing platforms in Germany here.

Also on the Kolsquare blog, you can find the top 10 influencers in Germany.

General influencer stats on Instagram in 2022

Let’s get started with some general numbers about influencer marketing on Instagram. Half a million influencers use Instagram as their only channel. Cristiano Ronaldo (@christiano) has the most followers with 478 million. Dwayne Johnson (@therock), has the most expensive average post as he can charge up to 1.015 million US dollars per post.

On average, creators earn less. Macro-influencers, who have between 30k and 500k followers, get 775 US dollars for a video (now only published as reels), 507 US dollars for a picture post and 210 US dollars for a story. Nano-influencers, which are profiles that have between 500 and 5k followers, receive 114 US dollars per video, 100 US dollars per picture post and 43 US dollars for an average story.

37% of users interact with influencers on Instagram and engage more on weekdays, especially Wednesdays and Thursdays, than on weekends. Pictures where the face is visible are particularly successful, as they receive 38% more likes. 87% lead to a specific action, such as following a brand, visiting a retail store, or making a purchase.

79% of brands using influencer marketing strategies prefer to use Instagram as a platform, and 18% of marketers believe that Instagram offers the best ROI. But beware: on average, around 10% of accounts on Instagram are bots and therefore fake. Find out how to avoid falling for a scam and fake profiles on the Kolsquare blog.

More than half of the captions and comments on Instagram contain emojis, whereas hashtags boost engagement by an average of 12.6%. The most popular hashtags are #Love, #Instagood, #Photooftheday, #Fashion, and #Beautiful.

Shopping trends on Instagram

Four out of five brands now use Instagram for influencer marketing in order to expand their reach and promote brand awareness. Read about the tactics you should know about to increase your brand’s visibility online on the Kolsquare blog.

Spanish fashion retailer Zara was the most mentioned brand on Instagram in 2021 (ahead of Instagram itself), followed by SheIn, H&M and Nike.

The app’s integrated shopping tools are intended to make it easier for brands to advertise their products while also making it easier for users to discover items and make purchases. Companies would be happy to find out that every month, 81% of users discover products through shopping posts and click on them to find out more about the items.

Instagram Shopping allows users to buy products through photos and videos. This offers brands a lot of potential, as they can create a storefront and online shopping experience that allows users to visualize products almost as if they were in front of them and make their purchase in just one click. These features also go hand in hand with their collaboration with influencers, which is likely to generate even more sales.

Fun facts about influencer marketing on Instagram

Just as Forbes chooses the top ten cities with the most millionaires, HypeAuditor decided to create a list of the top 10 of cities with the most Instagram mega-influencers. The platform analyzed 8.6 million Instagram influencers and found that 20,720 had over 1 million followers, qualifying them as mega-influencers. It is also interesting to point out that posts with a location get 79% more engagement.

Here is the Top 10 list for 2020:

  1. Los Angeles – 469.
  2. New York – 359.
  3. Sao Paolo – 204.
  4. Mexico – 182.
  5. London – 162.
  6. Miami – 156.
  7. Moscow – 155.
  8. Dubai – 149.
  9. Istanbul – 107.
  10. Paris – 106.

In Germany, Hamburg is the “lifestyle” content capital with around 3000 influencers, while the Hanseatic cities only rank 4th on the list of cities with the most influencers (Casino Online, 2021). Berlin and Düsseldorf share 1st and 2nd place, depending on the statistics. If you look at the actual number, Berlin wins with almost 7800 creators and Munich comes in second with 3300. When you take into consideration the size of the cities, however, i.e. how many influencers live per square kilometer in a city, Düsseldorf is ahead with 11 creators per square kilometer, leaving Berlin in ninth place.

Image via Casino Online

Finally, here are a few fun facts about Instagram’s influencer statistics, because we thought we should include them! An egg beat Kylie Jenner for the most-liked picture on Instagram. The account @world_record_egg has exactly one post (see below) with the challenge to set a world record and has received 56 million likes for it.


Pizza is the most frequently posted food in the world, followed by sushi. For general food trends on social media and to find out how you, as a non-food brand, can benefit, read the Kolsquare blog.

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