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[INTERVIEW] Verisure x Kolsquare: “Social media has become the company’s heartbeat over time”

Performance assessment, influencers' profiles identification , long-term relationships,... Anne-Charlotte Meistelman, Social Media Manager & Influence at Verisure discussed with Kolsquare on the brand's relationship with Influencer Marketing and its internal management throughout 2020. Focus.

picture of Anne-Charlotte Meistelman from verisure
picture of Anne-Charlotte Meistelman from verisure

How were the first steps on Influencer Marketing for Verisure?

Anne-Charlotte Meistelman: We really started doing Influencer Marketing at Verisure just under two years ago. Initially, we lacked knowledge on the subject and had a small budget for this channel. After launching our very first campaign by activating a dozen influencers, we noticed a real rise on our Influencer Marketing with promising initial results.

Little by little, we decided to take more control of our Influencer campaigns and to internalize them entirely through the use of the Kolsquare technological solution. We now think about all our social media strategies globally, each time including a part of Influencer Marketing..

We have found in this channel a real brand image and notoriety tool to successfully approach influencers and get them to talk about a subject that is not always glamorous: security systems. It was therefore essential for us to clearly define our approach to KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) who, two years ago, communicated mainly on lifestyle, beauty and fashion on social media.

At Verisure, Influencer Marketing now has a completely different dimension in our strategy. If it was not easy in the past to identify the most relevant influencer profiles for our brand and especially those who would accept to talk about Verisure on their social media, the relationship is totally different now since they now contact us directly via Instagram. There has been a real shift in this subject, and we have finally managed to fully develop social conversations.

What type of KOLs do you activate in your campaigns and to which objectives?

Anne-Charlotte Meistelman: We mainly collaborate with two different types of profiles, digital mums and decoration influencers. The first type allows us to present our products and services from the angles of serenity and family. The second type is more concerned with the material side of our security systems and the protection of property in general.

We carry out Influencer campaigns throughout the year, but also for various product launches and special operations. Our vision is above all business and results-oriented, for us, each marketing action must have a real return on investment and fulfill two main objectives, which are conversion and brand image.

In your opinion, how do you effectively measure the impact of an Influencer campaign? What do you consider to be the main key indicators of Influencer Marketing?

Anne-Charlotte Meistelman: Generally, the first things we look at after a campaign are the number of conversions that have been made. We give more importance to certain indicators than others depending on the objectives of our Influence projects.

On the content of the influencers, we also look at commitment, impressions number, clicks,… But also the tone of comments, which is a key indicator in our strategy to analyse our Influencer actions in a more qualitative way. This allows us to observe the image that Verisure has on the networks of content creators that we activate, which can sometimes be different from the image we have on our own accounts. The posts and stories of the influencers will allow Verisure to further accentuate the message on pre-travel, security and appeasement. Social media has over time become the heartbeat of the company. We use it as a tool to listen to our customers.

What is your relationship with the influencers you collaborate or have already collaborated?

Anne-Charlotte Meistelman: In 2019, we have collaborated with about fifteen influencers, most of which have been successful. We assume that if a collaboration has gone well and the results in terms of content produced have met our objectives, it is essential to continue working with these same influencers.

At Verisure, we want above all to create long-term relationships with the profiles we activate, which is why we frequently use the same influencers. Especially since we also need their feedback on the products and services we provide to know whether they have really met their security expectations.

To date, we are in regular contact with around ten KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and maintain a certain privileged relationship with them. This allows for more transparency in the implementation of our campaigns throughout the year and really makes a difference in our relationship with them.

Why did you decide to internalize your Influencer campaigns? In your opinion, how can it be beneficial for a brand to internalize its Influencer campaigns?

Anne-Charlotte Meistelman: When we went through an agency, we could feel a certain frustration for not managing the campaigns ourselves and not being in direct contact with the influencers we wanted to work with. We sometimes felt that we wasted a lot of energy with this type of management since we always had an intermediary in our projects. We have chosen to internalize Influencer Marketing to allow us complete freedom in the management of our campaigns, in the selection of influencers.

This may take longer, given the many sub-topics that Influencer marketing has, especially those related to administration, but we now have greater control of our actions than before. Given the increasing number of campaigns launched each year at Verisure and our maturity on the subject of Influencer Marketing, this seemed to us to be a key point.

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