Sep 2022 / Blog / Q&A

Interview with Elodie Dupré, co-founder of Greenstory

Communications agency Greenstory has been working with impact brands and mission-driven companies for 12 years. Co-founder Elodie Dupré outlines the agency’s approach to responsible influence in the context of environmental sustainability.

How does Greenstory help its clients integrate Responsible Influence into their marketing objectives?

To integrate Responsible Influence into our objectives, we follow a “slow content” logic for responsible content. Digital communications can be a real polluant, both for the environment but also for the brain. Being concerned about the impact influencers’ publications have on individuals exposed to the messages is part of our guidelines. That’s why we favor less, but better.

Developing ‘slow’ digital content in collaboration with KOLs means checking all the boxes:

🌳 Ethical, authenticity, truthful

🌳 Durable and sustainable

🌳 High quality and creative content

🌳 Useful and actionable for daily life

🌳 Respect the audience: saying no to accounts saturated with commercial content, or duplicitous product or service messages.

How do you choose which KOLs to work with?

We favor and support KOL profiles who have obtained, or are in the process of obtaining, the ARPP Certificate of Responsible Influence (see previous chapter) which both protects audiences while allowing influencers to differentiate themselves and preserve the values of ethical and responsible influencer marketing.

In addition, we only collaborate with influencers we know and who are sincerely committed to an ecological approach, from the most militant, to the most recently sensitized.

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Can you give us an example?

We work closely with ‘green’ YouTuber Coline (377k followers YouTube, 382k followers Instagram). When activating brand collabs with Coline, the rules are: no brands she wouldn’t normally use. No over-consumption. No partnerships at the expense of ethics. In this last instance, we refused a very profitable annual partnership with a hygiene brand due to greenwashing; the CSR promises did not align with the actions.

For each collaboration, we take the time to work closely with Coline to study the real, precise evidence that supports the campaign messaging.

What’s your take on gifting?

We have a lot of ideas and advise our clients how to be reasonable when it comes to gifting. Contact, content and packaging, it all counts!

We do ultra-personalization to validate upstream with the KOL that they would like to receive the products, so as to avoid waste.

We manage all aspects of the operation: choosing eco-designed goodies, recycled and recyclable packaging, quantity sent…