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Recruiting an Influencer Marketing Manager: missions and skills

At a time when 90% of marketers consider Influencer Marketing to be a very effective lever, campaigns are multiplying among brands. Communication and marketing departments are not the only ones to use this acquisition pillar, as human resources, B2B and corporate departments are also using it to improve their reputation, for example. It may therefore be interesting to consider the changes that this implies in the organisation of companies.

Graphic influencer marketing manager
Graphic influencer marketing manager

Indeed, while three quarters of influencer marketing campaigns are done internally, departments must structure themselves and equip themselves with resources to manage this new practice in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner. The emergence of Influencer Marketing creates new recruitment needs and it can sometimes be difficult to find your way around these new professions. So why should a brand recruit an internal Influencer Manager? What are the missions and skills required for this job? Let’s discover the keys to identifying the right candidate.

Why recruiting an Influencer Marketing Manager?What are the tasks assigned to the Influence Marketing Manager?How to find THE right manager for your influencer marketing?

Why recruiting an Influencer Marketing Manager?

Just as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) allows you to manage customer relations while adapting to changes in the customer experience sector, Influencer Relationship Management aims to optimise the effectiveness, consistency and performance of your influencer campaigns. The Influencer Manager, also known as “Influence Marketing Manager” or “Influencer Relationship Manager”, ensures good relations between the brand and content creators and the proper deployment of your influencer marketing strategy. Influencer management is often referred to as PR 2.0, in reference to the fact that it is public relations via social media.

Perhaps you have chosen to internalise this marketing lever in order to better control your influencer campaigns? Or are you an agency and need to orchestrate the relationships between influencers and the brands in your portfolio?

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You’ve come to the right place and the Influencer Manager will be able to offer you several advantages:

  • He coordinates all your relationships with influencers, whether within the marketing department of the brand(s) or within the various departments of the company that use this lever to communicate, such as communication or recruitment for example,
  • It builds long-lasting relationships with influencers in line with your strategy in order to develop their loyalty and unite them around your various brands and objectives,
  • He improves campaign performance thanks to his expertise and constant adaptation to new practices and innovations in the field of Influence Marketing,
  • He brings you in-house Influence Marketing expertise to develop your brand’s awareness and sales through influencers.

By choosing to recruit an Influencer Manager, you can ensure the optimisation of your influence strategy and also increase the performance of your campaigns and ultimately your business. In order to prepare your recruitment, you must first define the role of the Influencer Manager by detailing his/her missions in a clear and precise job description.

What are the tasks assigned to the Influence Marketing Manager?

Here are the main tasks that can help you draw up the Influence Marketing Manager’s job description, adapted to the organisation and resources of your various internal departments.

Designing the overall influencer marketing strategy

The Influencer Manager develops and implements the influencer marketing strategy. He/she ensures that this strategy is consistent with the global communication plan defined by the brand, in terms of content and partner choices.

Building and managing a portfolio of influencers

The influencer relations manager seeks out content creators, creates a community of influencers and unites them around the brand. On Kolsquare, for example, we have developed a search engine that allows the influencer relations manager to identify, contact and maintain relationships with the most suitable KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders). He or she guides his or her choices by respecting the different objectives of the global strategy in order to remain coherent with the brand. The goal is to build trusting and transparent relationships for solid partnerships with influencers.

Implementing campaigns within a dedicated budget

The Influence Marketing Manager manages the course of the influencer campaigns from A to Z. To do this, the Influence Marketing Manager must write a clear, precise and unambiguous brief for the influencers he has selected. He must be able to guide them in their creative choices if necessary. It is important to keep in mind that the influencer must understand the objectives of the campaign to achieve great results. He/she must also ensure that the campaigns are in line with expectations and that they respect the established schedule and budget.

Analysing campaign performance

The Influencer Manager is also responsible for monitoring campaign indicators, analysing and communicating the results to the teams. He must also measure the performance of each influencer. To do this, he must analyse how each influencer participates in the promotion of the brand. This is an essential KPI to monitor : he must ensure that the selected influencers are matching with the objectives, so he could take decisions if the results are not efficient enough.

Keep a constant watch

The Influencer Manager must actively monitor social networks. He/she must keep abreast of developments in influencer marketing. He also studies competitors’ practices and follows existing influencers and potential new KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders). Finally, he/she observes new trends in order to remain creative and ahead of the curve in the creation and management of content.

Of course, these missions are not exhaustive and the position should be adapted according to your internal organisation and the rapid developments in the field of Influencer Marketing.

How to find THE right manager for your influencer marketing?

In 2023, 90% of marketers have decided to increase or maintain the budget allocated to Influencer Marketing. The growing share of these budgets therefore requires recruitment and the search for expert influencer profiles is increasing rapidly. There is currently no specific training for this position, which is constantly evolving due to the speed at which practices are changing. Here are some of the skills and qualities required to successfully carry out Influencer Marketing Management missions.

The skills required to be a successful Influencer Marketing Manager

  • A good knowledge of social media, how they work and their specificities, as well as an understanding of communication issues and the levers of social media strategies,
  • Good communication skills and fluency in both oral and written communication. The Influencer Manager must maintain good relations with influencers and write clear messages. The Influencer Manager knows how to develop his or her network and activate it in a coherent way to establish a close link between influencers and brands,
  • The ability to analyse trends and campaign performance and make decisions accordingly,
  • Good level of English, mainly for companies and agencies working internationally but also to keep an eye on trends.

The qualities of a good Influencer Marketing Manager

The Influencer Marketing Manager must be curious, have excellent interpersonal skills, be reactive and be able to manage several missions at once. They must also be passionate and have the empathy to understand the different parties involved in the campaigns they manage.

The education level and/or experience required

As we have seen, there is no specific diploma for this job, but training in digital marketing, communications or public relations is a good basis for understanding the challenges of influencer marketing.

In addition to training in these fields, the influencer relations manager must have acquired experience in managing influencer campaigns, in social media management or in web marketing. In all cases, he/she must have a good knowledge of influencers and social network practices and understand how they work.

In terms of remuneration, an Influencer Marketing Manager can start at €1,900 gross per month and his salary can reach 45K per year as an expert.

Do you want to improve the performance of your influencer marketing campaigns and optimise the management of your internal influencer relations? It may be time to recruit an Influencer Marketing Manager.

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