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Top 10 Food Influencers on TikTok in Spain in 2023

Food influencers in Spain are becoming increasingly popular, offering their followers a variety of recipes, cooking tips, and experiences around local and international gastronomy. The relationship with their communities makes them an interesting showcase for companies that want to publicize or promote their products on social networks. Meet the 10 influencers that are achieving strong communities in this niche market and find the ideal one for your influencer marketing strategy.

personne découpe des légumes
personne découpe des légumes

Key Takeaways

  • Influencers have a significant impact on the food and beverage industry, as they can be seen as experts and increase credibility and consumer trust in the products they promote.
  • Identifying the most appropriate food and cooking influencers for your strategy will allow you to increase your brand’s reach and positioning.
  • Meet the top 10 Kolsquare food influencers on  TikTok in Spain in 2023 that are achieving strong communities with high engagement and participation.

Who are the most famous influencers in Spain?

Generally speaking, when talking about famous influencers in Spain, we think of profiles that have millions of loyal followers and have developed various collaborations with brands, such as Marta Díaz with 3.3 million followers; Dulceida with 3.2 million followers or María Pombo and her 2.8 million followers .

In the niche of cooking, food, recipes and wellness in general, prominent profiles are :

Alex Chía @cocinaconchia

Amaya Méndez @amaya_fitness

Delicious Martha “Eat girl”.

Carlos Ríos @carlosriosq

Blanca García-Orea @Blancanutri

Juan Llorca – @juanllorca

Laura López Pinos – @lauraponts

Auxy Ordóñez @postressaludables

Alex Chía has a legion of hundreds of fans that has led him to reach one million followers on his Instagram account, captivating the public with his creative and delicious recipes; Amaya Méndez, also on Instagram, has more than 322.000  followers and is a reference in this niche; Delicious Martha “the Eat girl “with more than 1 million loyal followers shares sweet and savory recipes with her audience.

Carlos Ríos, the famous nutritionist who exposes his full knowledge about the world of “real fooding,” has also managed to connect with audiences on Instagram, reaching more than 1.6 million followers with his recipes, such as roasted eggplant with burrata, based on real food. And talking about nutrition, we also have Blanca García-Orea, a clinical  nutritionist who also has a master’s degree in  Human Microbiota, who offers her more than 892.000 followers on Instagram wellness recommendations through food.

Likewise, Juan Lloca, director and founder of the cooking school for adults The Wholesome Kitchen, fights to improve people’s nutrition. In his beginnings he worked in kitchens, some even awarded with Michelin Stars, but along the way he discovered his passion for the area of nutrition and infant nutrition. Today he has more than 429.000  followers on Instagram.

For her part, Laura López is a very prominent influencer in the world of gastronomy due to her skills as a stylist, cook and content creator for brands. Today she is followed by more than 449.000  people on Instagram.

Finally, we have Auxy Ordóñez @postressaludables, an Argentinean who put down roots in Spain and today has more than 252.000 subscribers on Youtube.

Many of these influencers  have achieved their success on platforms like YouTube or Instagram and in some cases have begun to migrate to TikTok as well.

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What is the impact of influencers on the food and beverage industry?

Influencers have a significant impact on the food and beverage industry. Through social media, influencers can influence their followers’ purchasing decisions and increase awareness of certain products or brands.

For example, influencers in this niche market can post photos and reviews of restaurants and food, increasing exposure and interest in a particular restaurant or type of food.

In addition, influencers can be seen as food and beverage experts, which can increase their credibility and consumer confidence in the products they promote. However, it is worth noting that content creators often receive compensation for their promotions, which can affect the objectivity of their recommendations.

Identify the right TikTok food and cooking influencers for your strategy

To identify the most suitable food and cooking influencers for your strategy, it is important that you take into account several aspects that we share with you here :

  • Have clear objectives: first of all, it is essential to clearly define the objectives of your campaign. For example, if you want to promote a new product or restaurant, you should look for an influencer who has a passion for cooking and experience in creating this type of content.
  • Know the influencer’s audience and credibility: you must make sure that the influencer reaches the right type of audience and that it  matches your target. Therefore, it is important to review the statistics of their followers and the type of content they share. You must make sure that the influencer’s content matches your brand’s values and identity.
  • Know their level of engagement: the engagement that the influencer has with their audience is also essential. If the influencer has a high level of engagement with their audience, it is more likely that their advertising will be effective.

To facilitate this process of analysis and selection of suitable profiles, Kolsquare has developed a tool that allows you to access a catalog of more than 3 million influencers in Spain and around the world. Find the perfect creator for your brand through an advanced search engine with filters by profile and audience. Start managing influencer marketing campaigns effectively.

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Top 10 Food Influencers on TikTok Spain 2023

1. Peldanyos, a mix of flavors and humor

Sergio Bolaños, better known as Peldanyos, is a Valencian content creator with 1.5 million followers on TikTok and 156.000  on his Instagram account whose content is mainly based on food reviews and  various popular dishes from Spain.

In addition to being a content creator, he has a degree in industrial engineering. His content reaches millions of people thanks to the charisma and sense of humor he projects in his videos about food and cooking duets, comedies, and viral challenges.

His audience credibility score is 91 and his average engagement on TikTok is 3.54%.

Clarification from Kolsquare: The audience credibility score corresponds to the percentage of followers that correspond to real people (i.e. not bots or fake followers). The closer it is to 100, the more trustworthy the community is. With the constant evolution of its community, it is difficult for a KOL to control all its followers, so a good credibility score is estimated to start at 70.

2. Alberto Rb X and his food testing in Korea

Although his profile is very varied between videoblogs of his experiences or travels, much of his content focuses on the category of food & drinks from a very interesting perspective since the food he tries and the restaurants and other places he visits are Korean. Today he has over 276.000  followers on TikTok and on Instagram 111.000 .

His audience credibility score on the different social networks is 82 and engagement on TikTok considerably high at 20.99%.

This Spanish influencer, although based in Korea, gathers audiences mainly from Spain, Peru, Mexico and Colombia .

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3. Tictac Yummy, passion for baking and healthy recipes

Patricia Tena is the influencer behind the Tictacyummy account. Her TikTok channel focuses on quick and easy healthy food recipes. She currently has more than 262.000 followers on TikTok and on Instagram she has 448.000.

The success of her content is based on her deep passion for cooking and the originality of her creations, which even led her to receive the “Bloguero Cocinero 2016” award by Canal Cocina. Ricotta pizza or crispy salmon popcorn with sauce have been some of her most famous healthy recipes.

The credibility of her audience is at 84 points and the engagement of his TikTok account is 5.06%.

In addition to Spain, by far, the main countries where her  audience is located are Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia.

4. Bdevikingo, gastronomic influencer and cooking Youtuber

Bosco Jiménez is the content creator behind the account bdevikingo. The Spaniard’s passion for cooking has established him as one of the gastronomic influencers and one of the best carnivorous Foodies in Spain.

In addition to visiting restaurants and trying a variety of dishes , almost always with a good piece of meat, he shares recipes explaining step by step how to prepare them.

He currently has 221.000 followers on TikTok with whom he has shared more than 300 recipes; on his Instagram account he has 118.000  followers and in a short time he has achieved 17.000  subscribers  on his YouTube channel.

The credibility of bdevikingo’s audience in social networks has a score of 82 and an engagement on TikTok of 2.34%. Spain, Argentina, Mexico and the United States are the countries where his audience is mostly located.

5. Planesconbarbygant, the influencer of plans and restaurants

Barby Gant, “the girl of  plans in Madrid” as she describes it in her profile, offers her followers hundreds of recommendations of restaurants at affordable prices and all kinds of plans of what to do in the Spanish capital.

The credibility of her audience is in a good position with 89 points and her engagement on TikTok is 6.82%. In this social network she has 128.000  followers and on  Instagram  she has 177.000 .

This girl’s profile has been interesting for some brands in the beverage and food category that seek to recommend their restaurants or launch new products since her content is based precisely on offering recommendations to followers.

6. Cookcineme, the influencer couple

The couple of influencers Cookcineme test the novelties and products of famous stores in Spain, like Mercadona or ALDI, and also recipes with easy-to-get products.

On TikTok their community exceeds 461.000 followers and on Instagram 137 million followers.

The credibility of their  audience has a score of 79 and its average engagement for the last three months on TikTok was 5.39%.

7. Paufeel and his passion for cooking from Madrid

This Madrilenian with accounting roots is a lover of animals, cooking, and healthy living as she describes it in her blog. Her content focuses on her interest in nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet, so she shares healthy recipes, healthy habits and tips to lead a more active life.

Her recipes with high quality products offer healthy alternatives to the followers of this account.

79 is the credibility score of her audience, which is mainly located in Spain, Chile and Mexico. Its current engagement on TikTok is 2.53%.

8. Tasty hunting

Tasty Hunting by Ori is an account that shares with TikTok users its passion for cooking through simple, delicious and quick recipes for everyday life.

Its audience credibility score is 79 points, and its average engagement in the last three months has been 3.06%.

It has 234.000 followers on TikTok, and an even larger community on Instagram with 857.000 followers.

9. Paloma Colás, creative cuisine chef

Paloma Colás is a chef who graduated in cooking and pastry from  the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and decided to share her concept of creative food through the networks. She offers ideas of dishes and always has  an option to cook.

She has 191.000 followers on TikTok and an average engagement rate on the platform of 2.5%. On her Instagram profile she is followed by more than 161.000  people who enjoy her nutrient-rich recipes, full of colors and flavors.

10. Takoyakiblog, and her success on TikTok and Instagram

Miguel Angel, popularly known as Takoyakiblog is an influencer from Zaragoza who has been growing strongly on TikTok, attracting the attention of the media.

On his TikTok profile he has more than 93.000 followers with an average engagement of 2.43%. On Instagram, which was the social network where he began to share content in front of a camera and find his vocation in the gastronomic universe, he has 62.000  followers.

If you are looking for influencers in the food and beverage industry and do not know how to start, at Kolsquares we have developed a tool that allows you to analyze and select the best profiles in a simple way. Request your demo and enjoy a detailed demonstration tailored to your needs so you can achieve your goals.

Kolsquare makes it easy for you to manage all your influencer campaigns in one place. Identify the most relevant TikTok influencers for your marketing campaigns and build a quality agenda with a simple click. Launch, optimize, and track your campaigns with our comprehensive tool. Focus on the essentials and let us take care of the rest.

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