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Top-10 High-Tech Brands Most Mentioned by Influencers

Influence marketing is definitely not limited to the beauty, fashion or tourism sectors. In recent years, this lever has become a real must-have for many tech brands. It's a trend that's borne fruit for many professionals, such as Dyson, Dell and Adobe, to name but a few, whose budgets devoted to Influence Marketing continue to grow. The importance and power of influencers for these brands marketing expensive products are set to continue well into 2023 and beyond.


Kolsquare Methodology

Based on the analysis of Kolsquare data, this study presents the performance of brands in the tech industry (electronics, computing, gaming, telecoms & telephony, mobile applications) worldwide. It is based on the analysis of an exhaustive catalog of Kolsquare influencers, including more than 680,034 profiles that have mentioned one of the 133 Tech brands analyzed or used one of their brand hashtags at least once. The 8,297,808 posts analyzed between March 2022 and April 2023 were identified through mentions and brand hashtags on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter.

Top-10 Most-Mentioned High-Tech Brands by Influencers

According to our ranking, the high-tech brands that dominate social networks (all platforms combined – Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter) are:

1. Apple

Unsurprisingly, Apple tops the ranking with 52,075 influencer mentions. The Apple brand continues to dominate the industry with its iconic products such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Influencers praise the exceptional quality, design and performance of Apple products. For example, they have collaborated with influencer Petra Henriette Rufi (17.5k) and the YouTuber Topper Guild (21m followers on his YouTube channel).

2. Meta

Formerly known as Facebook, Meta is a technology company that has diversified into areas such as virtual and augmented reality. With a total of 17,402 mentions, influencers are highlighting Meta’s advances in these fields and their revolutionary potential (especially VR headsets).

3. Canon

With 15,611 mentions, the Canon brand is an undisputed leader in photography and video. Influencers praise the quality of Canon cameras, lenses and the advanced features offered by the brand. The brand has collaborated with influencers such as Cookiekinggg, Sean Lew and others.

4. Garmin

Garmin stands out in the sector of GPS navigation devices, connected watches and products for sports and outdoor activities. Influencers highlight the precision and reliability of Garmin products, as well as their usefulness for sports and fitness enthusiasts. The brand accumulates 14,119 mentions and has worked with influencers such as Florian Neuschwander (120k followers) and athlete 𝗟𝗮𝘂𝗿𝗮 𝗗𝗮𝗵𝗹𝗺𝗲𝗶𝗲𝗿 (162k followers).

5. Google

Multinational corporation Google is an unavoidable reference in the world of technology. With products such as Pixel smartphones, Google Home smart speakers and online services, Google is regularly mentioned by influencers for its versatility and innovation (12,230 mentions).

6. Samsung

Samsung is one of the major players in the high-tech industry, offering a wide range of products such as smartphones, televisions and home appliances. Influencers appreciate the quality of Samsung products and highlight their intuitive user interface (8,087 mentions).

7. Beats by Dre

This brand of high-end headphones is often highlighted by influencers for its exceptional sound quality and modern aesthetic. Beats by Dre is considered a benchmark for music lovers. It has been mentioned 5,608 times.

8. Logitech

Specializing in computer accessories and peripherals, the Logitech brand is appreciated by influencers for its keyboards, mice, webcams and other products that enhance the user experience. Build quality and innovation are often mentioned. It has accumulated 5,229 mentions on the networks.

9. Bose

With 4,542 mentions, Bose is a well-known name in the audio world. The brand is renowned for its high-quality speakers and headphones that offer an immersive sound experience. Influencers highlight the clarity and power of Bose sound.

10. Sonos

Rounding off this ranking, with 4,034 mentions, the Sonos brand offers wireless audio solutions for homes, enabling the creation of multi-room audio systems. Influencers point to ease of use, sound quality and compatibility with streaming platforms.

High-Tech Brands' Share of Voice in Terms of EMV

Share of voice can be defined as a brand’s market share or presence relative to your competitors on different channels. It serves as a metric for determining how well-known and visible a brand is, figuratively what is its market share. The share of voice doesn’t refer to the percentage of sales, but to the percentage of discussion.

In this ranking, the top-3 is dominated by APPLE, BEAT BY DRE and SAMSUNG.

  1. Apple : 23.7%
  2. Beats by Dre : 17.7%
  3. Samsung : 12.7%
  4. Meta : 12%
  5. Google : 6%
  6. Sony : 5.7%
  7. Bose : 2.5%
  8. Sonos : 2.2 %
  9. Yamaha : 2.2 %
  10. Microsoft : 1.4%

Key Figures From the Report

  • 89% of content published by sportswear KOLs is in video format.
  • On Instagram, 35% of published content is Reels.
  • The average engagement rate for the sector is 1.07%.
  • The top-3 brands that generate the most engagement on Instagram are: Apple, Meta and Beat by Dre.

About Kolsquare

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