Agence Minuit Douze and Miniverse: fun and games across verticals on TikTok proves a winning formula

Mini toy brand MGA Miniverse commissioned Minuit Douze to run an extended influencer marketing campaign to support the brand’s launch in the French market. 

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About Minuit Douze and MGA Miniverse

Paris-based influencer marketing and communications agency Minuit Douze specializes in running campaigns for contemporary entertainment brands. Founded upon the gaming expertise of Co-founder and Associate Director Morgane Falaize, Minuit Douze has successfully expanded its expertise in communications and influencer marketing from gaming and esports, to the tech, children’s games and pop culture verticals. 

Miniverse is a pocket-sized collectible toy brand that launched in global markets in 2022. Its Make It Mini Food collections offer detailed, realistic, mini replica food and drinks that ‘kidults’ create ‘from scratch’. Each toy comes with miniature ingredients, packages and recipes to follow in order to create the menu item for permanent display and play. Miniverse is a sister product to the wildly popular L.O.L Surprise! toy brand, for which Minuit Douze also handles influencer marketing.   

The Campaign: support the launch of Miniverse in France with awareness and conversion campaigns on TikTok and Instagram

To support the launch of Miniverse in France and build brand awareness of the Make It Mini Food collections, Minuit Douze conceived an influencer marketing campaign involving several activations over a six-month period. The company activated an initial awareness campaign on TikTok the week prior to Miniverse hitting the shelves. Over the following months, it ran several larger paid and organic influencer campaigns on TikTok and Instagram to drive conversions. 

Challenge #1: find out-of-the-box profiles for an out-of-the-ordinary product  

From mini chocolate chips and mini sprinkles in mini collectible jars that really open and close, mini chocolate sauce and mini cartons of milk that really pour, Make it Mini Food provides social media creators with plenty of inspiration for fun, humoristic and original content.

In fact, with more than 100 Make it Mini Food ingredients and kitchen accessories to collect, the Miniverse is jam-packed with fun. And because each pack is designed as a  mystery box, consumers won’t know which mini food they’re getting until they unbox it.  

For Minuit Douze, the Miniverse offered a plethora of creative opportunities; the trick was to identify a variety of KOL profiles that could reach and engage a wide audience across different verticals. 

From foodies and lifestyle KOLs, kidults, ASMR, kawaii (Japanese cute), DIY, and unboxing, Minuit Douze Co-Founder and Associate Director Morgane Falaize decided to find profiles to cover as many of the Miniverse verticals as possible. 

“We’re very familiar with gaming profiles on Twitch, but Kolsquare enables us to broaden our scope and find powerful profiles that are more mainstream,” comments Falaize. 
“It’s hyper-interesting; the tool allows us to search by vertical and has really helped us to develop our expertise in the toys and games category. Kolsquare has allowed us to grow our database of content creators; where it works really well is to take us out of our comfort zone to find new, impactful profiles that fit a wide variety of briefs.” 

For the first phase of the Miniverse campaign, which was aimed at generating awareness prior to launch, Falaize selected four TikTok profiles with 80% of its combined audience of more than 1M located in France.  

Challenge #2: targeting Gen Z on TikTok to generate sales

Immediately eye-catching, Miniverse Make It Mini Food is the kind of fun and entertaining product that lends itself instinctively to social media content. And with awareness as the goal, TikTok — the entertainment platform itself — was the obvious choice for the first phase of the campaign. 

“We mainly targeted TikTok for this brand because that is the platform where Gen Z is, and which lends itself really well to this kind of fun and innovative brand,” comments Falaize

With phase one of the campaign having generated 106K impressions and 8.5K engagements from just five pieces of content, Miniverse and Minuit Douze turned their attention to driving sales. 

And although TikTok remained the focus of the campaign, Falaize also began incorporating Instagram profiles. During the six months following the launch of Miniverse in France, Minuit Douze activated an additional 35 macro content creators for both paid and organic campaigns. 

“The client was really pleased with the campaign and has renewed it for 2024 with a little bit more budget,” comments Falaize. “They told us that from just one profile, whose content we had boosted on TikTok with a Spark Ad, sales in France completely exploded.”  

The Solution: make the campaign and content fun!

The Miniverse Make it Mini Food campaign ran from May through December 2023, during which time it generated a whopping 10.87M impressions on just 95 pieces of content. 

But although the number of contents published was relatively small in relation to the number of views and engagements, the focus on using profiles able to integrate humor, #ASMR and a variety of content formats such as Live on TikTok was key to its success. 

Different types of content included foodie KOL @angelicapatisserie making a tiny edible version of a Miniverse cake, and gaming and toy photography specialist @damonx creating an image of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cooking Mini Food.  

“We found that couple profiles and taking a humoristic tone to the content worked really well,” comments Falaize. “They really got creative with the product and you could tell from the content that they were enjoying themselves.”

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