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Top-100 Fashion brands mentioned on TikTok in the UK

Top 100 fashion brands on TikTok

From mumfluencers to fashionistas, sports stars, foodies, and gamers, fashion excels in influencer marketing. Successful brands use social media influencers to drive awareness and sales, curating identities that resonate with specific audiences. Fashion is highly competitive in social media influence, and many brands use Kolsquare to refine their strategies. Presenting the 'Top-100 Fashion Brands Mentioned on TikTok in the UK,' ranked by Earned Media Value (EMV) and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Explore how fashion brands have mastered influencer marketing on TikTok

From mumfluencers to fashionistas, sports stars, foodies and gamers, the fashion vertical has long smashed through barriers to cover the full gamut of influencer marketing. Successful fashion marketers of today and tomorrow understand with absolute certainty the necessity of leveraging social media influencers and content creators to deliver results across the full-funnel, from awareness, to consideration and sales. 

Why? Inherently about self-expression, dynamic and ever-evolving, fashion brands don’t just sell products – they curate identities and lifestyles that resonate with specific audiences amidst a sea of options. Whether partnering with global celebrities for runway events, to niche micro-influencers with highly engaged followers, influencer marketing allows brands to tell their stories in a myriad way through a variety of trusted voices.  

The result: the fashion category is one of — if not the — most competitive segments in the world of social media influence. Brands must combine scale with authenticity, prestige and exclusivity with reach. 

And many are using Kolsquare to help them do it. As Europe’s leading influencer marketing platform, Kolsquare’s extensive data set enables brands to finesse their influencer marketing strategies to tap into the right audiences with the right messages. 

Following our insightful foray into the beauty segment’s top performers in influencer marketing, we are thrilled to unveil the second edition of our Industry Rankings – this time focusing on fashion's glitterati. Our analysis delves deep into key performance indicators (KPIs) such as engagement rates, content volume, and influencer counts (specifically those with +5,000 followers). These key metrics provide the basis for our comprehensive ranking by Earned Media Value (EMV), and showcase the top-performing fashion brands on TikTok. 

What sets Kolsquare apart is our SaaS platform's capability to slice through vast swathes of data with precision – identifying not just who is talking about these brands, but how effectively they're engaging with their audience. 

And so without further ado, Kolsquare presents: 'Top-100 Fashion Brands Mentioned on TikTok in the UK', your definitive guide to understanding which brands are leading the charge in wielding digital clout within one of social media’s most stylish realms.


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