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    Influencer Marketing in 2021

    Vision, projections and trends


    Black Friday & Influence

    A golden opportunity to get started on Influencer Marketing


    Food: Influencer Marketing is the flavor of today

    With even more creative tools, authentic and inspiring profiles of KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), long-term campaigns, brands which tempt our taste buds and fill up our plates have, for a few months, shown their striking power on social media.


    The Influencer Marketing ROI

    The use of digital within a communication campaign is nowadays a matter of course. Social media have taken a central place in our lives: this is where we share our ideas, our favorite things, our inspirations.


    Luxury got Influence

    A new generation, a constantly evolving market, the strong presence of influencers: the major luxury houses are facing new digital challenges that are pushing them to review their strategies of yesteryear.


    Panorama IM

    The KOL Marketing (or Influencer Marketing) market is full of solutions and services. Who does what?

    You want to know more about KOL Marketing, social networks, Influence strategy, keywords, relationship with influencers, top influencers to activate ... Visit our Influence Marketing Guide!

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