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May 30, 2024

Top 10 YouTube Influencers in the UK

The UK influencer marketing industry is set to grow by 48.5% between 2024 and 2029 because of the significant impact influencers have in key communities. However, pinpointing the right influencers is not just about follower count. Engagement rates and audience credibility are the metrics that truly matter but are often hard to obtain.

These deeper insights reveal the true influence and connection creators have with their audience. By collaborating with UK creators with large yet engaged followings, you can ensure your content will effectively reach and impact your target audience.

In this article, we share the top 10 UK YouTube influencers by follower count who have highly credible audiences. We'll also inform you of how engaged their subscribers are with their content.

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Key takeaways

  • For businesses operating in the UK, these top creators with millions of UK subscribers can help you increase brand awareness, visibility, and sales.
  • We ranked 10 of the biggest influencers in the UK by follower count and key metrics such as their audience credibility, engagement rate, and audience location.
  • Daz Games, Joe Sugg, and Chris Dixon are the most-followed UK YouTubers with credible audiences.

Who are the most famous influencers in the UK? Our methodology

The Kolsquare database stores insights about influencers with 5,000 or more followers on at least one of the popular platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, X, or Snapchat.

The ranking is, therefore, based on the critical information stored in our database. For each KOL, we provide you with some essential data, including:

  • Credibility score /100: Kolsquare's credibility score gives a percentage from 0 to 100 to indicate how authentic an influencer's audience is. The higher the number, the more real people are subscribed to their channel. Anything above 75 is a good score.
  • Engagement rate: This figure reveals how much sway the creator has over their audience. Engagement rates are calculated by analysing how many followers interact with their posts through comments, shares, likes, etc.
  • Earned media value (EMV): EMV helps you create a budget for your influencer partnership. It is the expected media value you will gain by hiring a key opinion leader (KOL) on each platform, such as TikTok or Instagram Reels.

To identify the influencers capable of launching powerful campaigns in the United Kingdom, we selected those with over 25% of their audience in the UK.

Top 10 British YouTubers in the UK: our ranking

From comedy and lifestyle to tech reviews and gaming, we've created a list of influencers with highly credible UK audiences.

Let's countdown the ultimate UK YouTube royalty.

1. Daz Black @DazGames- The Biggest UK YouTuber on Our List

  • Interests: Sport & Fitness, Entertainment (cinema, TV, etc.), Humour, Gaming


  • Instagram: 1.03M
  • TikTok: 8.02K
  • YouTube: 8.59 M
  • Location: UK
  • Location of the audience: UK (25.62%)
  • Kolsquare Credibility Score: 81/100

Average engagement rate:

  • Youtube: 0.29 %

Earned Media Value:

  • YouTube: 217.91 K €

Daz Black, known as Daz Games on YouTube, is the most-followed individual influencer on our list, with over 8 M subscribers. Initially gaining fame on Vine with comical skits, Black transitioned to YouTube, primarily creating Let's Play videos. In these videos, he delivers entertaining commentary while playing video games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty.

Black is also well-known for his reaction videos, in which he reacts to a wide range of internet content, from horror games to viral videos. He also occasionally shares personal vlogs, giving fans a glimpse into his family life and further strengthening his connection with his audience.

2. Joe Sugg @ThatcherJoe - Highly Popular UK Creator

  • Interests: Entertainment (cinema, TV, etc.), Inspiration & Lifestyle, Family, Travel


  • Instagram: 6.8M
  • TikTok:x
  • YouTube: 7.33 M
  • Location: UK
  • Location of the audience: UK (30.76 %)
  • Kolsquare Credibility Score: 77/100

Average engagement rate:

  • Youtube: 0.01 %

Earned Media Value:

  • YouTube: 6.86 K €

Joe Sugg is a prominent content creator and entertainer who first gained widespread recognition through his YouTube channel, ThatcherJoe. Starting his YouTube career in 2011, Sugg quickly became known for his humorous prank videos, challenges, and impressions. Additionally, he has a dedicated gaming channel, ThatcherJoeGames, where he posts humorous gaming videos and challenges featuring games like Grand Theft Auto.

He was inspired to start a YouTube channel by his sister, Zoe Sugg, who is also a popular creator known for her daily life videos. Her channel is hugely popular, but her audience is primarily outside the UK, which is why she didn't make our list.

Beyond YouTube, Sugg has acted in the UK soap opera EastEnders, authored several books, and become a finalist on the popular UK television show Strictly Come Dancing. Today, Sugg continues to create content and explore lifestyle vlogs and collaborative projects with other YouTubers and his partner, dancer Dianne Buswell.

Unlike many other male creators on this list, Joe Sugg's fan base is predominantly female, with most of his followers between 18 and 24 years of age. However, despite a large following, his engagement rate is low.

3. Chris Dixon  @ChrisMD

  • Interests: Sport & Fitness, Travel, Inspiration & Lifestyle


  • Instagram: 1.6M
  • TikTok: 816K
  • YouTube: 6.03 M
  • Location: UK
  • Location of the audience: UK (33.02%)
  • Kolsquare Credibility Score: 75/100

Average engagement rate:

  • Youtube: 2.08 %

Earned Media Value:

  • YouTube: 1.15 M €

Chris Dixon, known online as ChrisMD, creates highly engaging football content, including challenges, tutorials, and collaborations with other influencers. His channel showcases his football skills, humor, and creativity, securing his popularity among sports enthusiasts and casual viewers.

Originally hailing from Jersey, Dixon's videos often feature football matches, entertaining commentary, and unique football experiments, contributing to his reputation as a leading figure in the YouTube sports community.

4. Joe Weller @JoeWeller - English YouTuber

  • Interests: Sport & Fitness, Travel, Music


  • Instagram: 2.24M
  • TikTok: x
  • YouTube: 5.29M
  • Location: London, UK
  • Location of the audience: UK (40.07%)
  • Kolsquare Credibility Score: 77/100

Average engagement rate:

  • Youtube: 0.18 %

Earned Media Value:

  • YouTube: 79.73 K €

Joe Weller is known for his energetic personality and diverse content. He gained significant attention with his viral football videos, comedy sketches, and fitness-related content. Weller also explores various challenges, vlogs, and reaction videos, making his channel popular with a broad audience. Weller is arguably the originator of the YouTube boxing scene and participates in high-profile matches.

Weller has a large and highly credible audience in the UK, yet they are not deeply engaged with his content.

5.Tobi Brown @TBJZL

  • Interests: Sport & Fitness, Inspiration & Lifestyle, Humour


  • Instagram: 4.14M
  • TikTok: x
  • YouTube: 4.99M
  • Location: London, UK
  • Location of the audience: UK (36.02%)
  • Kolsquare Credibility Score: 77/100

Average engagement rate:

  • Youtube: 1.57 %

Earned Media Value:

  • YouTube: 761.11 K €

Tobi Brown, widely known as Tobjizzle, is a key member of the Sidemen, one of the most popular YouTube groups. Brown's channel is versatile, featuring a mix of gaming content, vlogs, and challenge videos. In addition to his solo content, Tobi frequently collaborates with other Sidemen group members.

Brown has released several hip-hop songs and manages a secondary channel, "TBJZLPlays," that solely focuses on gameplay videos and streams. He has an engaged fan base that is predominantly male and between the ages of 18 and 34.

6. Ethan Payne @Behzinga

  • Interests: Sport & Fitness, Inspiration & Lifestyle


  • Instagram: 3.04M
  • TikTok: x
  • YouTube: 4.71M
  • Location: London, UK
  • Location of the audience: UK (39.73%)
  • Kolsquare Credibility Score: 77/100

Average engagement rate:

  • Youtube: 0.57 %

Earned Media Value:

  • YouTube: 245.59 K €

Ethan Payne, known online as Behzinga, is also a member of the popular YouTube group the Sidemen. He started his YouTube career by launching his own channel, Behzinga, in 2012, initially focusing on gaming content, most notably about the football game FIFA.

Over time, his channel diversified to include fitness videos, vlogs, and personal challenges, showcasing his dramatic journey towards improved health and fitness. Behzinga's charismatic and motivational content has earned him a substantial following, and he is celebrated for his transparency about his mental health and fitness journey.

7. Josh Zerker @Zerkaa - Part of YouTuber Group Sidemen

  • Interests: Sport & Fitness, Travel, Gaming, Humour


  • Instagram: 1.46M
  • TikTok: x
  • YouTube: 4.03M
  • Location: London, UK
  • Location of the audience: UK (40.94%)
  • Kolsquare Credibility Score: 78/100

Average engagement rate:

  • Youtube: 0.32 %

Earned Media Value:

  • YouTube: 110.83 K €

Joshua Bradley, better known as Zerkaa or Josh Zerker, is a founding member of the Sidemen. Known for his calm demeanor and excellent content planning, Bradley creates videos that primarily revolve around gaming, vlogs, and collaborations with his group members.

His YouTube channel, Zerkaa, features a wide variety of content, including FIFA gameplay, real-life challenges, and insightful vlogs, which have garnered him a dedicated following. Additionally, Bradley runs ZerkaaPlays, a channel focused on Let's Play videos and gaming streams.

8. Callum Airey @Calfreezy

  • Interests: Sport & Fitness, Inspiration & Lifestyle, Humour


  • Instagram: 4.22M
  • TikTok: x
  • YouTube: 4.96M
  • Location: London, UK
  • Location of the audience: UK (36.09%)
  • Kolsquare Credibility Score: 77/100

Average engagement rate:

  • Youtube: 1.08 %

Earned Media Value:

  • YouTube: 354.16 K €

Calfreezy, whose real name is Callum Airey, is a British YouTuber who gained fame through his channel Calfreezy, where he posts a mix of challenges, lifestyle vlogs, pranks, and collaborations with other famous YouTubers, including members of the Sidemen. His notable videos include "Youtubers Blindfolded Penalties" and "The Guess Who Challenge."

Airey is also a passionate footballer who plays for Rebel FC, a football club he co-founded. Additionally, he co-hosts "The Fellas," a popular podcast with his friend Chip, which explores various topics and further expands his reach in the online community.

Calfreezy also manages a secondary channel, "More Calfreezy," where he shares daily life videos, giving fans a closer look at his everyday experiences and maintaining a strong connection with his audience.

9. Callum McGinley @Callux

  • Interests: Inspiration & Lifestyle, Humour, Travel


  • Instagram: 4.22M
  • TikTok: x
  • YouTube: 4.96M
  • Location: London, UK
  • Location of the audience: UK (36.09%)
  • Kolsquare Credibility Score: 77/100

Average engagement rate:

  • Youtube: x

Earned Media Value:

  • YouTube: x

Callum McGinley, better known as Callux, is known for his inventive pranks, social experiments, and comedic content. After establishing his channel in 2012, Callux quickly gained popularity with his unique and often daring video ideas, ranging from elaborate prank setups and challenges to heartfelt social experiments.

Callux often collaborates with other well-known YouTubers, including members of the Sidemen, further amplifying his reach and influence. Additionally, he founded the footwear company notwoways.

10. Saffron Barker @SaffronBarker - London YouTuber Female, Lifestyle

  • Interests: Beauty, Inspiration & Lifestyle, Travel, Fashion & Accessories


  • Instagram: 1.83M
  • TikTok: 2.1M
  • YouTube: 2.46M
  • Location: Brighton, UK
  • Location of the audience: UK (44.74%)
  • Kolsquare Credibility Score: 76/100

Average engagement rate:

  • Youtube: 0.15 %

Earned Media Value:

  • YouTube: 60.71 K €

With 2.46 M subscribers, Barker is the least-followed creator on this list. Yet, her reach is still significant and spread evenly across TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, allowing brands to create a multi-platform influencer marketing campaign.

Barker, born in July 2000, creates engaging beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content. She has also recently ventured into podcasting, primarily with her podcast "Sex, Lies & DM Slides." She also participates in many charitable activities, such as running the London Marathon for Alzheimer's research and supporting the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Barker was also a contestant on the reality shows The Celebrity Circle and Strictly Come Dancing.

Best YouTubers - List of The Top 100 YouTubers in England's Names

Unfortunately, we can't give away the 100 top names from our database. That's because while most lists only provide easy-to-obtain data, we go further by providing key data.

Brands often work with an agency or an influencer platform to gain these insights.

A platform will streamline your entire campaign, but they are particularly effective at shortcutting and improving the process of influencer selection. Often, brands find that the operational complexity of running an influencer marketing campaign becomes overwhelming.

A platform like Kolsquare not only simplifies the process but also ensures you are partnering with influencers with genuine, engaged followings. By leveraging our comprehensive data, you can confidently create impactful campaigns that resonate with your target audience. Book a free demo with Kolsquare today to discover how the platform can help you.

Regardless, here are ten more highly popular YouTube creators:

  • Ali-A: Ali-A, also known as Alastair Aiken, is a famous British YouTuber best known for his Call of Duty and Fortnite gameplay videos. Through his engaging and high-energy content, he has amassed 18 M subscribers.
  • Mrwhosetheboss: Arun Maini, known as Mrwhosetheboss, is a tech YouTuber with over 18 M subscribers. His followers enjoy his detailed reviews, unboxings, and comparisons of the latest gadgets and technology. Arun's engaging and informative content has positioned him as a trusted authority.
  • Lydia Elise Millen: Lydia Elise Millen is a fashion and lifestyle influencer who shares her experiences living in the English countryside. Her YouTube channel, with 1 million subscribers, features content on fashion, beauty, home, travel, and family.
  • Miniminter (Simon Minter): Simon Minter, widely known as Miniminter, is a member of the Sidemen and is known for his diverse content, including challenges, vlogs, and gaming videos. He has 10.3 million subscribers.
  • GeorgeNotFound: George Davidson, the creator behind GeorgeNotFound, has over 10 million subscribers to his Minecraft channel.
  • Dr. Alex George: Dr. Alex George is a former Love Island contestant and now a renowned influencer. He uses his platform to promote health and wellness content and has over 2 million followers on Instagram and 110K on YouTube.
  • TommyInnit: Born in the 21st century, TommyInnit, or Thomas Simons, is a young and influential YouTuber known for his Minecraft gameplay videos. His lively and humorous content has brought him over 12 million subscribers.
  • Jamie Oliver: Jamie Oliver is a famous British chef and television personality known for his campaigns for healthier eating. He has a strong presence on YouTube, sharing recipes and cooking tips. Jamie Oliver currently has over 5 M subscribers.
  • Emily Tube: Emily Tube is a popular children's content creator known for her educational and entertaining videos designed for kids. Her channel has about 10M subscribers, making her a significant figure in the kid's YouTube space.
  • Patricia Bright: Patricia Bright is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle YouTuber with over 2.9 million subscribers. She shares honest reviews, fashion hauls, and personal vlogs.

Who are the British Youtubers squads with the most followers?

Let's start with a definition. A YouTuber squad is a group of YouTube creators who collaborate to make videos.

The Sidemen are a British YouTube group popular for their engaging and diverse content. Formed in 2013, the group consists of seven members: Simon Minter (Miniminter), JJ Olatunji (KSI), Ethan Payne (Behzinga), Harry Lewis (W2S), Tobi Brown (TBJZL), Josh Bradley (Zerkaa), and Vikram Barn (Vikkstar123). They initially bonded over their love for video games such as Grand Theft Auto, FIFA, and Call of Duty and created gaming content together.

Over time, the Sidemen have broadened their scope to include vlogs, challenges, and comedic sketches. Their main channel has amassed a fan base of almost 21 million subscribers, and their secondary channel, MoreSidemen, has over 8 million subscribers.

Beyond YouTube, the Sidemen have expanded their brand into various business ventures, including launching their own merchandise, hosting live events, and organising charity football matches. Each member also maintains individual YouTube channels.

As part of their independent projects, a few of the Sidemen have also ventured into creating music. KSI creates popular hip-hop tracks while Simon Minter collaborates with the other Sidemen. Tobi Brown also makes hip-hop songs.

Another prominent YouTuber squad is STORROR, with over 10M subscribers. Founded in 2010, STORROR consists of seven members: Drew Taylor, Benj Cave, Max Cave, Callum Powell, Sacha Powell, Joshua Burnett-Blake, and Toby Segar. Their channel showcases breathtaking parkour stunts, urban exploration, and cinematic storytelling.

Are there any older YouTubers?

The social media stars on this list are primarily 20-35 years old, and their audience mostly matches that age bracket. That's no surprise, given that a staggering majority—68%—of people who watch YouTube are 16-44 years old.

Older audiences often gravitate toward different types of content compared to the lighthearted, sports, and gaming videos favored by younger viewers. They tend to prefer informational, expert-driven, or alternative lifestyle content. For instance, the YouTube channel Zoe, which provides medical advice, has a substantial following among older viewers.

Some British influencers over 35, like David Johns, enjoy significant popularity.

Who is the top influencer on YouTube?

The creator, MrBeast, has the largest follower count, with over 260M subscribers. According to Kolsquare's data, his audience is also highly credible and engaged.

Who is the most influential YouTuber in the UK?

Our database allows us to track how engaged the audience is for the influencers on our list. The result? ChrisMD has the most engaged audience, with a 2.08 % engagement rate on YouTube.

Who are the top 5 richest YouTubers worldwide?

Figuring out how much influencers make is complex. It requires a deep understanding of their entire YouTube career and their spending. In addition, a YouTuber's ad revenue is highly dependant on the type of content they create. For example, YouTubers who offer real estate or financial advice earn more per view than vloggers.

The following creators are likely some of the richest worldwide. However, we have ignored any companies on the list, such as Britain's Got Talent and the Bollywood channel T-Series.

MrBeast (261 M subscribers)

MrBeast, or Jimmy Donaldson, is the most followed and, therefore, one of the highest-earning YouTubers. His large-scale and viral content continuously draws in millions of views, bringing him vast earnings from ads. He also frequently lands lucrative sponsorship deals with brands like Honey and Quidd, and his merchandise sales boost his income.

PewDiePie (111 M subscribers)

Felix Kjellberg, known globally as PewDiePie, is YouTube royalty. He has been creating engaging and often humorous content for over a decade, leaving him with over 111 million subscribers. Although he has faced controversy, his vast audience still brings in significant ad revenue. He also earns from sponsorships.

KSI (24 M subscribers)

Olajide Olatunji, aka KSI, is the most-followed of the Sidemen. Starting with gaming content, he has since expanded into music, boxing, and entertainment. He has many profitable brand collaborations with companies like Adidas and created the hugely popular PRIME drinks brand alongside Logan Paul.

DanTDM (27.6 M subscribers)

Daniel Middleton, known as DanTDM, is a hugely popular Minecraft creator who also posts day-to-day life videos. His entertaining gameplay videos have earned him a massive following, resulting in substantial ad revenue. Merchandise sales, book deals, and partnerships with brands like Nintendo also boost DanTDM’s earnings.

Zoella (10 M subscribers)

Zoe Sugg, or Zoella, is a YouTube pioneer in the beauty and lifestyle niche. Her vlogs, beauty tutorials, and product reviews have made her a household name. Zoella’s income is significantly boosted by partnerships with brands like ASOS and Feelunique. She also has her own product lines, including beauty and homeware collections.

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