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How can Influencer Marketing be a strong communication response during a crisis?

Influencer Marketing has proven to be a strong communication response to help companies adapt, activate new engagement and conversion channels an adequate solution to address Internet users and consumers more directly.

hand with iphone with vegetal background
hand with iphone with vegetal background

The current coronavirus-related health crisis is beginning to have multiple consequences in terms of supply, demand and consumer behavior.

It poses many challenges for companies that need to rethink the way they work, sell and communicate. Teams are teleworking and trade shows and events are being canceled. Consumers, whether or not they are isolated in their homes, are turning to digital in large numbers to avoid contact.

While reactions to the crisis still depend largely on areas and types of activity, it is becoming necessary for many companies to adapt their communication strategies.

This is an opportunity to turn to new conversion and engagement levers such as influencer marketing or to accentuate this lever if it is already part of your marketing strategy.

So how can Influencer Marketing be a strong response to this Covid-19 crisis for communicators?

Influencer Marketing allows you to pursue your communication strategy

Faced with the direct and indirect effects of the coronavirus, the company can adapt its communication strategy intelligently to maintain its level of activity and continue to convert.

A crisis with damaging consequences for companies

Covid-19 challenges traditional marketing and sales techniques. No need to think about winning new customers with your next show: from the F8 on Facebook to the Salon du Livre in Paris, events, and shows are postponed one after the other.

But all activity does not stop there. Digital technology allows communication between brands and consumers to be maintained and individuals are turning to the virtual world. It, therefore, seems appropriate to rethink its global marketing strategy and its various expenditure items.

Influencer marketing remains the most suitable strategy for creating a real dialogue with communities, taking advantage of a more transparent communication channel and reaching new targets.

An opportune time to turn to an influencer marketing strategy

The use of digital today is no longer an option, but an imperative. While this lever was already important for companies, it is gaining further momentum in the face of the Covid-19 crisis.

We know that the organization of events and trade fairs has a significant cost within a communication strategy. As this lever is temporarily unavailable, this is the right time to put more effort into digital leverage and influence strategies.

Influencer marketing allows you to maintain real continuity within your communication strategy and to continue to generate leads, gain notoriety and commitment.

It allows you to be present on different social media: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter or TikTok, addressing new qualified targets thanks to influencers. It is also the ideal time if you have already set up an influencer marketing strategy, to activate new influencers and deploy your strategy more widely.

Convert with influencer marketing to maintain growth

Another effect of the coronavirus crisis is that people are more likely to stay at home and avoid shops and public places.

Sell online, convert on social media

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of staying at home. But it is a fact that users spend more time on social media and online.

So it’s time to put the virtual in the spotlight and increase its digital visibility. Individuals spend more time on the networks and an influencer marketing campaign will actually have a better reach. It will allow you to increase your engagement rate despite the crisis and to convert new customers in order to maintain stable growth.

As a result, the communication strategy doesn’t break down and the company continues to generate leads.

Improving targeting with Influencer Marketing

Boosting e-commerce and turning to new strategies such as Influencer Marketing helps to offset some of the direct effects of the coronavirus crisis such as store closures or event cancellations.

But beware, if digital commerce is boosted, competition is also increased. Consumer behavior is not necessarily the same and new users are coming into play.

It, therefore, becomes even more essential to work on the quality of its targeting. This is made possible by influencer marketing, through which you address an audience potentially interested in your product or service. It is the most suitable means of communication to continue to reach new communities and work on your brand reputation.

These are the many challenges that the new coronavirus crisis poses to communication professionals: creating new strategies and adapting to a changing situation. Influencer marketing helps to maintain continuity within a communication strategy, to bring notoriety, sales, and commitment despite a slowdown in activity.

Faced with the culture of fear and the need to adapt and target its audience, brands have every interest in choosing a more authentic but also more flexible communication channel and in ensuring the quality of the messages they convey.

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