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How to download an Instagram story? Kolsquare’s guide

Since the release of the "story" feature in 2016, the number of Instagram users has only increased. In fact, it only took a year for these ephemeral videos to become a staple on the social network. Stories have profoundly changed the way people consume information. Over the months, they have become a relevant and powerful format in all Influence Marketing campaigns. What objectives do they meet? How can they be downloaded to optimise the management of these Influence projects? All the answers in this article.

iPhone upper left part with the Instagram application
iPhone upper left part with the Instagram application

The undeniable success of stories on Instagram

More than 500 million people use or view stories daily. According to eMarketer, Instagram users under 25 years old consult stories 32 minutes a day, while those over 25 years old have a daily average of 24 minutes. A rather small window of action, but one that offers many possibilities including:

  • Reach new customers and boost conversion rates,
  • Strengthen the relationship with existing customers,
  • Strengthen brand awareness and visibility.

Instagram is THE social network of choice for advertisers and marketing professionals. Indeed, stories offer brands the opportunity to offer interesting, immersive and creative content while allowing them to convert their followers into customers in the long term. They have become an integral part of all social media marketing and communication strategies. According to Instagram data, a brand posts about 2.5 stories per week and ⅓ of the most viewed stories come from business accounts. Stories created by brands increased by 21% between Q1 2018 and Q1 2019. This phenomenon proves that the vertical format is a real opportunity for brands to promote their products and services to their target audiences. In 2018, 55.4% of influencers have, in fact, used Instagram stories for their sponsored campaigns.

Evolution of the daily number of users of Instagram stories from October 2016 to January 2019, source Statista

The strategic stakes for companies are indeed colossal, since 2020, stories represent 34% of sponsored content on Instagram. In a study commissioned by Facebook Inc. 62% of respondents said that their interest in a brand or product increased after seeing it in stories. A fact that makes more sense than ever.

Why are Instagram stories a relevant and powerful marketing tool?

In 2020, the average number of posts on influencers’ feeds is 2.3 per week compared to 3.3 in 2016. Why are they publishing less “classic” content? Simply because even though Instagram is a user experience platform, stories were designed specifically for use on mobile. The ephemeral format lowers the stakes for quality and makes posts less formal. The marketing message, whether funny or informative, pushes the community to take action. With the “link” feature recently made available to all accounts, the network encourages even more and faster action.

Stories highlight the spontaneity and authenticity of a brand or an influencer. They are a privileged tool to interact with a community and maintain engagement. They allow a quick exchange, more focused on the message than the form, bringing brands a little closer to their communities. Through stories, professionals offer more transparent content and proximity with their subscribers.

During an Influencer Marketing campaign, a content creator can, for example, explain the development process of a product, or show the behind-the-scenes of the campaign.

The reasons for the collaboration appear more human and transparent. This is important for the community to understand the benefit of a campaign and to buy into the product/service or not. This transparency is generally perceived positively as it promotes trust.

While investing in ephemeral content may seem confusing at first, it is particularly relevant for businesses. Influencers generate higher engagement than content published by brands themselves.

Stories make the user feel part of a community. The ephemeral nature of this type of publication pushes the user to react quickly and encourages conversion. Stories offer many other benefits, which is why brands are increasingly interested in integrating them into their overall Influence strategies. Overall, it should be noted that :

  • Stories are easy to create and therefore require little design/production time for the influencer or brand. The quality of the creation is not the first criterion expected from this type of format,
  • They have an arsenal of tools for drawing, adding music, applying augmented reality filters and more. The content is pleasant for the user to be watched,
  • It is possible to judge the engagement of a community based on the interactions with the influencer that the stories generate,
  • They generate traffic to websites. Links can be highlighted in the stories and lead the user directly to a website that he/she does not know and thus increase traffic. This strategy is particularly useful for targeting new audiences,
  • The stories provide “calls to action“. These direct instructions clearly explain to users what action to take and increase the overall engagement rate of a KOL (Key Opinion Leader). They facilitate conversions for brands and prevent users from moving on to the next story too quickly: questions, polls, rating sliders,…
  • Stories allow spontaneous connection by encouraging direct and authentic exchanges.

How to use stories in influencer campaigns?

What criteria should be used to select the right influencers?

A good Influencer Marketing strategy through stories can generate concrete results:

  • Reach a wider audience and increase the reach of the message,
  • Reach out to a new audience to achieve better conversion,
  • Improve the image and brand awareness by surfing on the influencer’s image,
  • Improve the SEO and organic traffic of a website.

To maximise the results and performance of an Influencer Marketing project, we strongly advise you to identify the KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) profiles that are most relevant to your brand.

Then, define the most appropriate device to spread your message and reach your strategic objectives, which are also defined well in advance of the campaign launch. If stories are the key format of your Influencer marketing project, the analysis of the community’s engagement rate is essential, as well as other indicators such as the influencer’s target audience (gender, age, interests,…) or his geographical area.

Want to know more about how to identify the most relevant Kolsquare profile(s) for your brand? Discover our article on the subject.

How to download the stories?

Thanks to its technological solution, Kolsquare allows you to manage your influencer campaigns from the identification to the management of your projects, up to the measurement of the results and performance of each of your Influencer Marketing actions. Stories are a great marketing format for promoting brands.

In order to evaluate the performance of a content creator during an influencer campaign, it is necessary to check all of his publications (posts and stories) individually.

By analysing the performance indicators of past influencer campaigns, brands can understand what worked and what didn’t work with the audience, and use this to create new high-impact operations. To do this, it may be necessary to upload stories to effectively analyse the return on investment of campaigns. Kolsquare allows you to view and save them to :

  • Allow you to access the stories of the influencers you are campaigning with in one place. You can thus manage all the stories published more easily and in a few clicks,
  • Allow you to add one or more content creators to your list of favourites and view their stories, particularly during the profile identification phase. You will then have access to all their performance indicators. Ideal for selecting influencers according to the content of their stories, their universe and for reaching the strategic criteria and objectives set for a campaign.

Our Influencer Marketing technology solution centralises your actions in one place and facilitates the management of your campaigns. You manage all the stories directly in your dedicated dashboard, thus avoiding the need to check them one by one on Instagram.

Note that Kolsquare also updates the stories every 2 hours. They can be updated every 8 hours if you add an influencer to your favorites or to one of your campaigns.

You can export the stories of content creators with whom you have done a campaign by uploading up to 100 stories at a time, in mp4 format. Beyond that, you have the option to export them by day, week or month. In addition, our “stories” filter allows you to identify the number of stories created for each defined period.

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