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How to federate and mobilize remote teams in a context of containment?

As a result of remote, the measures taken to combat the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) crisis are undermining the working habits of many companies. How to federate and mobilize its experts in this current context? Answer in this article.

The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, announced it last Thursday: companies are invited to use remote as much as possible. These drastic measures put in place to fight against the spread of Covid-19 raise important questions in all companies, notably how to continue to work efficiently and motivate its teams remotely?

Today, Kolsquare gives you his advice on how to spend this period as serenely as possible.


It cannot be repeated often enough: communication is the key to team cohesion, and this is all the more true in a situation where collaborators are at a distance.

In order to combat the isolation that experts will have to face, but also to maintain the bond between colleagues, regular communication is essential.

Make sure you have the right tools such as Slack, Google Hangouts or Whatsapp… For more informal conversations, also use social media: Instagram, Facebook Messenger,…

Organize motivational videoconference calls

In this particular context where employees are far away from each other, it is necessary to set up rituals with one’s team. Plan, for example, regularly engaging and unifying speeches via videoconferencing tools.

Just as you would build an Influencer Marketing campaign, find convincing arguments and have a positive impact on your teams. This is essential to maintain motivation and team cohesion.

At Kolsquare, we have chosen to maintain our weekly stand-up meeting by videoconference and meet every morning for a virtual coffee and croissant. A good way to start the day motivated and ready to give our best!

Set clear and achievable objectives, taking into account changing circumstances.

In the face of the uncertainty associated with this Coronavirus crisis, it is essential to maintain precise objectives, even if these are adjusted over time and as the pandemic evolves.

Indeed, well-defined objectives are a major source of motivation and allow, among other things, to get the best out of your teams during this period of confinement.

Be transparent and available

Confinement means a lack of direct visibility of your teams’ activities. Indeed, if everyone in the office is able to know at a glance who is available or not, from a distance it is much more complicated.

Moreover, it is very likely that, at this time, some people are a little lost and have questions to raise with their superiors. For this reason, be transparent about your diaries and possible periods of unavailability and plan time slots where you make yourself fully available to answer your collaborators’ questions.

Reassure your teams!

For many individuals, telework is something entirely new and can be destabilizing, even frightening. This is all the more true as the latest measures introduced have been very fast and have left little time for organization and adaptation.

So it’s up to you, managers: let your leadership shine! Show your team members that you have confidence in them, reassure them, and help them to organize themselves in the best possible way so that this period of teleworking can take place in the best possible conditions.

Closely follow the evolution of the situation

As you’ve noticed, the Covid-19 situation is evolving very rapidly. An hour after hour new information is available on the Internet and especially on social media.

Make sure that the situation is monitored rigorously and allow staff to discuss it among themselves. For example, create a group conversation on Slack (or any other communication tool) dedicated to sharing information about the virus.

This is what we have set up at Kolsquare: everyone is invited to share articles or other relevant and useful information to monitor the situation.

Give even more feedback

While giving feedback to your teams when you are together in the office may seem obvious and innate, it is not necessarily so in a teleworking context. It is, in fact, a framework that leaves little room for spontaneous, almost informal exchanges.

So as not to overlook feedback, take the time to regularly exchange with each member of your team on tasks completed or in progress.

Finally, don’t hesitate to thank your teams for their efforts, their mobilization, and their motivation. Together, you will all come out of this period of the crisis stronger than ever!

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