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What are the prices for influencers? [Computer graphics]

Marketing influence campaigns have never been more numerous than in recent months. Behind, the advertisements, sponsored posts and the many other devices put in place, what are the prices for influencers by network and by type of campaign?

tablet in front of a computer
tablet in front of a computer

From a few hundred euros to several tens of thousands of euros for a sponsored post: influencers’ prices vary enormously. How are the prices of influencers’ campaigns determined? How can we ensure that we pay the right price for an influence device? How can you be sure that the case studies you have gotten your hands on really correspond to you?

According to Kolsquare’s data, the price of an influence campaign therefore depends on several criteria:

1/ Size and commitment of the follower database

First of all, the rate varies according to the size of the influencer’s community. The larger the community on social networks, the higher the rates. For example, Captiv8, an American startup, conducted a study on the average rates charged by digital influencers in the United States according to their fan base. According to this study, for an influencer with between 100,000 and 500,000 followers, the average price of a post Instagram is $5,000, while for an influencer with between 3 and 7 million followers, an average of $75,000 is required. For the same community on Youtube, it will be necessary to plan nearly 190,000 dollars with a Youtubeurs agency.

This parameter of the fan base size is to be combined with the followers’ engagement rate. The more a community is involved (sharing, clicks, etc.), the higher the price of a publication. This is logical since the success of an influence campaign depends on virality and therefore on the community’s propensity to interact with the content shared by the influential personality.

Beyond the criterion of the size of the community and its commitment, the most influential Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube influencers put their many advertising contract proposals in competition in order to negotiate higher remuneration.

2/ Scope of the device

The remuneration of influencers also depends on the size of the device chosen: type of content to be posted (text, photo or video); creation of content or simple sharing; digital influence device coupled or not to the use of the influencer’s image on other channels, etc.

Not surprisingly, content creation requires larger budgets, since it requires greater involvement of the influencer. This usually creates a creative campaign that is well adapted to the influencer’s community.

If the advertiser wishes to use the influencer’s image on media other than social networks (POS, billboard, TV advertising, etc.), an additional budget must also be allocated.

3/ Choice of social network

Another important criterion for determining the price of an influence campaign is the choice of social network. Prices vary significantly between an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat sponsored posts. The best paid social network is Youtube, since it requires a strong involvement in the creation process; while Twitter is on the other side of the scope.

4/ Proximity between the influencer and the brand

Finally, the proximity and attractiveness of the influencer to the brand, product or project can also be decisive price factors. Indeed, an influencer who already uses the product or is already a fan of the brand will be more easily opened to contract negotiation. The campaign will also have a positive impact because it will gain in credibility and authenticity.

In order to allow advertisers to know in a few clicks the fair price of a product placement and influence campaign, Kolsquare, to go further than an influencer agency, has developed on its platform a tool that calculates a recommended price for an influencer position according to different key indicators and allows to contact influencers as part of a digital influence campaign.

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