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The Instagram Statistics for 2022

It is important for marketers to know the key statistics of the platforms they want to use for their next marketing campaign. Instagram has grown tremendously over the last few years, but especially in 2021, and as a result is very valuable for your brand. Kolsquare offers an overview of the social media platform's statistics for 2022.

Instagram post on a tablet
Instagram post on a tablet

Just recently, in June 2022, Instagram introduced some innovations for creators, mainly focused on video production. After TikTok announced it was extending the duration of videos, Instagram is following suit and now for instance offers the option for 90-second Instagram Reels. In addition, Reels get the interactive stickers we already know from Instagram Stories and custom audio import. If you want to read more about Meta’s new features, go to the Kolsquare blog.

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri emphasized, already as early as 2021, that the company’s new four key focus points would be: Creators, Video, Shopping and Messaging.

But now let’s take a look at the statistics from 2022 that show marketers what to look for in campaign planning this year. To give you a better overview, the stats are categorized into three areas: General Stats, User and Usage Behavior Stats and finally Content Stats, including details about Instagram Stories.

General stats on Instagram for 2022

Just like a large portion of its users, Instagram is now in its teens, even though a lot has truly changed since the app’s launch in 2010. Today, the no-longer-just-a-“square photo-sharing app,” as Mosseri said, is among the leading social media platforms where users, influencers and brands connect.

As Hootsuite published, with 2.9b monthly visitors and 1.3m daily active users, Instagram is

-The seventh most visited website in the world

-The fourth most-used social platform (after Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp)

-The ninth most Googled search term

-The second most downloaded app in the world (in fact, only TikTok surpassed Instagram in downloads in fall 2021)

The fourth quarter of last year was the social network’s best since 2014. That is also when Instagram again overtook TikTok after all.

Statistics on user and usage behavior for Instagram for 2022

Just 0.1% of Instagram users only use Instagram. 83% use Facebook this way, while 55% use Twitter. Consequently, your social media or influencer campaign should not be one for all channels, but adapted to the specificities of each platform.

The majority of the 1.22b monthly users (62.2%) are between 18 and 34 years old, 17.9% of whom are male. In this context, the male Generation X is the fastest-growing Instagram target group, but the number of 55- to 64-year-old men has also increased by 63.6%.

Although Gen Z and Millennials consequently make up the majority of users, Instagram is not the preferred app for U.S. teens, as shown by the Pew Research Center. In addition,

5% of under-11s in the U.S. use Instagram, despite the fact that users must be at least 13 years old to create an account. At the same time, 14% of US adults have never heard of Instagram.

Statistic via Statista

Data from the Pew Research Center also shows that 59% of users are very active and log in daily, 38% even several times a day. Nevertheless, the app is not a popular source for finding out about current news. In fact, 42% say they do not trust Instagram as a source of information.

With 201m users, India tops the global audience table, ahead of the U.S. (157m) and Brazil (114m). As such, Asian countries are also Instagram’s fastest growing market at 16%.

Instagram’s focus on video content is evident from its usage data, as nine out of ten users watch videos on the app on a weekly basis.

Content stats for Instagram for 2022

RivallQ found that in 2021 the general engagement rates, which are 0.98% per post across all industries in 2022, have dropped by 25%. Influencers achieve a higher engagement rate of 1.42%, which in turn far exceeds those on Facebook (0.19%) and Twitter (0.04%).

Graphic by RivalIQ

With five posts per day, influencers achieve a retention rate of over 70%, and for accounts with less than 100,000 followers, images in stories surpass videos in reach. In fact, 91% of users watch videos on Instagram weekly, which is why, again, a video marketing strategy is important.

Although Instagram Reels are being pushed more and more, the importance of Stories should not be forgotten, as they have high engagement power. 500 million accounts watch Instagram Stories every day, with 58% of users saying they would be more interested in a brand after seeing it in a Story.

Even though completion rates for brand stories have only increased by one percent, rising from 85% to 86% in 2019, that is definitely a notably high percentage that you should take advantage of. For example, the most active brands post 17 stories a month. This shows that the frequency has increased in general.

Stories also remain a lucrative business for Instagram, as the app generates a quarter of its ad revenue from them: Instagram is expected to earn $16b in net ad revenue from Stories ads in 2022. Thus, think of Instagram Stories as a separate social network whose posts need as much attention as regular feed posts.

Save time thanks to the Kolsquare Chrome extension, you will have all the statistics of influencer profiles and their audience on Instagram and TikTok. Moreover, why not let us know which statistic you are most interested in, which percentage surprises you the most or which insight will influence you the most in future campaigns. We look forward to sharing @kolsquare.

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