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Writing an effective influencer brief: advice from the Kolsquare experts

Are you starting out on the influencer marketing adventure and want to ensure the success of your first campaign? Do you already have several campaigns under your belt but want to improve their performance? From defining your campaign objectives to building a solid partnership, here are our tips for writing an effective influencer brief and building successful campaigns.

A person who writes in an open notebook
A person who writes in an open notebook

While 72% of advertisers believe that leads generated through influencer marketing are of higher quality than through other channels, it is important to be prepared. In order to establish a powerful partnership with influencers and enable them to best meet your campaign objectives, you need to know how to write an effective influencer brief. The influencer brief is a document that will include the elements that are essential to the good understanding of the campaign by the influencer. It is therefore an essential step in your Influencer Marketing strategy to establish solid and trustworthy relationships with influencers.

Define the strategic objectives of your influencer campaignWriting an effective influencer brief in three stepsFacilitating relationships with influencers

Define the strategic objectives of your influencer campaign

We’ve already talked about this in our previous articles, but a reminder is always good to take. Regardless of the lever adopted, every marketing campaign meets key expectations and pursues a precise objective. In influencer marketing as in traditional marketing, a good definition of the strategy makes it possible to guide the campaign in a concrete way and to make relevant choices. Before writing the brief for the influencers with whom you wish to establish an influencer partnership, you must therefore clearly define the strategic objectives of your influencer campaign. Indeed, without a clear and precise idea of the objectives to be reached, your actions and those of the influencers will not have the expected impact. Whether you want to increase your brand’s visibility, improve brand awareness or acquire new customers, the targeting of your campaign on social networks will not be the same.

Thus, the tone to adopt during this promotional action, the type of messages and content to create, the format to favour or the performance indicators to follow will stem from the strategic objectives defined. Defining the objectives of your influencer campaign is therefore essential to :

Target the KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) relevant to your brand and your influencer campaign

Depending on your objectives and expectations, you can target the influencers who will be able to reach your target audience and talk about your brand to their followers. To find the most relevant influencer profile according to the strategy you have defined, you can use the Kolsquare solution to integrate profile search parameters such as audience type, centre of interest, community size, credibility or geographical area for example.

Having a clear vision of the objective to be achieved

Thanks to the definition of clear and concrete objectives, each party can rely on precise elements for the deployment of the campaign. The influencer’s work will be strengthened because he will be able to check that each action corresponds to the specifications you have described in the brief. In this regard, according to an article published on, 59% of influencers would like to have a more concrete vision of the campaign objectives and 61% would like to know more about the products and services of the company for which they publish content. So there is a real expectation from content creators in this sense. Once the document is written, you can reuse the same template for each new campaign, changing only the parts specific to the campaign in question.

Build a long lasting partnership with the KOL

Thanks to a complete definition of your expectations, the influencer discovers your universe, gets to know your values, immerses himself in your world, your products and understands your objectives. They become a spokesperson for your brand and your campaigns gain in relevance and performance. 57% of influencers prefer brands they like for their influencer partnerships, which is another reason to say a little more about you.

Writing an effective influencer brief in three steps

You have defined strategic and concrete objectives for your Influencer Marketing campaign, now it’s time to set them out clearly in a document.

The description of your expectations is intended both for the influencer(s) selected for the campaign in question and for your internal teams. You can choose the format that best suits your strategy and your image, a text document, slides or a video mixing visuals and audio. The important thing is to describe your expectations in a clear, structured and neat way. You should keep in mind that this influencer brief template can be used for all other influencer marketing campaigns and to harmonise your communications. Here are the essential elements to incorporate to write an effective influencer brief in three steps.

1. Your brand

The influencer needs to understand who you are, what you offer and what your values are. It is therefore important to devote part of this brief to presenting your company, your brand, your products or services and the values/commitments you wish to communicate.

Tell them about your history, the history of your product. What problem does it address? Understanding the product is an essential element to guide the influencer’s work. You can also add to this part a history of the different campaigns already conducted on social media in relation to the requested campaign.

2. Details of the influencer campaign

Once your company is presented, the influencer has a better understanding of who you are and what you do. You can now address the strategic choices of the influencer campaign. Here are some sections to include in your document to best outline your strategy:

  • The title and purpose of the campaign: the name of the campaign and what you are looking for through this lever,
  • The objectives and the message to be conveyed: you must indicate the objectives of your influencer campaign, whether it is an acquisition, visibility, notoriety or credibility strategy. The message you want to put across must be clear to your partner, who will then adapt its content accordingly,
  • The social networks on which to publish and the types of content to share, the expected formats (posts, stories, videos, real, IGTV, podcasts,…),
  • The target audience for the campaign,
  • The publication schedule: the launch date of the campaign, the dates and timing of the publications,
  • The budget allocated for the influencer’s remuneration and possibly for the creation of content,
  • The key performance indicators monitored: reach (engagement rate, followers, impressions,…), engagement (likes, comments, shares, reactions, mentions,…), sales (transformation rate, tracking,…),
  • Content validation procedures: here you must indicate the deadlines to be respected and to whom the content should be sent for validation. The content validation deadline and the process for making changes are also information to be provided to facilitate everyone’s work,
  • The transfer of rights to the content.

This part is therefore central to a good understanding of the campaign’s stakes and to set out the important points of the influencer partnership at the strategic and technical levels.

3. Content of the influencer campaign

So you’ve laid the groundwork for your campaign strategy and collaboration. You will now provide more specific information on the content that your KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) will have to create and share with their respective audiences. Of course, it is essential to leave some room for creativity to your content creators because they know their communities well and know how to communicate with them. They want to keep a certain autonomy and remain free to make their own choices. But you still need to provide specific guidelines to stay in line with your overall strategy. Some influencers will prefer to work to a very detailed brief. Indicate in this section :

  • The details of all the deliverables of the campaign: the type of deliverables (meetup, product placement, review, tutorial, live streaming,…) and their descriptions, the delivery date, the desired call to action, the links, @ mentions, hashtag # to integrate,…
  • Possible inspirations, images, colours, influencers and publications you like,
  • The information you absolutely must mention,
  • The elements to avoid in the generation of content.

Facilitating relationships with influencers

The strategic definition and the writing of the brief allow you to have a clear, concrete and sustainable vision of your influencer marketing. By relying on this preliminary work, you facilitate communication with influencers by creating a long-term relationship of trust. They will thus become true ambassadors of your brand.

Once you have selected the most relevant Key Opinion Leaders for your campaign thanks to our advanced search features, you can contact them and manage your campaigns independently. Kolsquare has also developed a feature to easily communicate with your community of influencers. Indeed, you can synchronize your Gmail address with your Kolsquare interface. This possibility allows you to send your influencer brief directly to the profiles you have selected via the platform and with whom you wish to build a partnership, all without an intermediary.

This is one of the many advantages of the platform put forward by our client Cheerz. The teams of the famous photo printing application value the ease of interaction between them and their influencers. The use of the Kolsquare solution’s features allows them to send their briefs directly from the internal Gmail box to all the ambassadors concerned. This improves and facilitates the management of the numerous Influencer marketing campaigns generated by the company. But the company also appreciates all of the technological features developed by Kolsquare for influencer casting, campaign management and performance analysis in a guided or autonomous manner. Discover Cheerz’ customer testimonial.

Are you ready to launch your own Influencer Marketing strategy with Kolsquare? If, like Cheerz, you want to benefit from the power of our technology based on Big Data, A.I. and Machine Learning, contact our dedicated experts now. With or without an influencer brief, our experts are at your disposal to advise and support you in the definition and deployment of your next campaign.

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