Finding influencers on Youtube

How to find the most relevant Youtube Influencer for your influencer marketing campaign
Mar 2019


Youtube has changed considerably since its inception in 2005. Creating a TV channel on Youtube is now really easy, and the media network is extremely powerful.

As a result, the web video platform is a great place for advertisers wishing to promote their content to meet influencers who ‘reign’ on communities with millions of followers.

Are you looking to present your brand to your target consumers in an unusual way, whilst building a loyal relationship? Have you considered video product placement?

Contact a Youtuber to add the finishing touch to this project, and use their high profile to make your campaign work!

Why choose Youtube?

Once the go-to media for advertisers, television no longer wears the crown. Conversely, the online video platform Youtube is going from strength to strength.

Available in 75 countries and 61 languages, Youtube enjoys a considerable audience with 1.5 billion active users, 6 billion hours of videos viewed per month and 100 hours of videos added every minute.

In addition, Youtube understood that mobiles were key to its success and has therefore improved the way vertical videos are displayed on mobiles.

With audiences counted in millions and fans hungry for content, Youtube is a well-established channel for brands wanting to put out targeted advertisements.

Youtube influencers in various categories (beauty, fitness, cookery, lifestyle, gaming, etc.) are growing in number and becoming appealing for long-term collaborations. The main advantage of Youtube influencers is that they succeed in expressing their personality whilst showcasing their brand.

This means that they appear more spontaneous and less corporate in the eyes of the general public, who will then be more receptive to their message rather than widely distributed advertising messages. It is also worth bearing in mind that Youtube aim at an audience that is already partly won over, as they have created an emotional connection rather than one which is simply commercial.

This active and engaged community will therefore make the content viral which will increase the conversion rate per customer. 86% of the 200 most viewed beauty product videos were produced by Youtube influencers. This gives you an idea of the scope of their message. And their influence is not confined to niche markets. Far from it!

Get closer to your target clientele with product placement on Youtube

By signing a partnership with a Youtuber for an everyday product placement, you are using a more indirect advertising technique rather than one which is head-on. This will enable you to instantly capture the attention of your potential consumers, and product placement demonstrates the genuine usefulness of your product.

The authenticity of content creators on Youtube makes product placement even more effective, as the chosen celebrity’s community is easily identifiable to the Youtuber in question, often sharing the same socio-demographical characteristics.

This relationship of trust between a Youtuber and their audience guarantees the success of an advertising initiative such as a product placement in a video. The close relationship that you create with your target consumers is what makes your advertising strategy stand out from more traditional methods, justifying its effectiveness.

According to influencer marketing figures published by Public Impact, a firm specialising in estimating product placement performance, it clearly stands out from traditional advertising such as TV adverts: it increases the recommendation rate to friends and family by 28%, your brand awareness by 15% and buying intentions by half!

What’s more, while a television advert is only shown at a certain time, videos published on Youtube stay there indefinitely, making your product placement more visible in the long term. The operation can range from a simple, discreet product placement with very little description, to a sponsored video about the product.

How to find your Youtube influencer – the right Youtuber for your product placement

Any type of product can easily lend itself to everyday product placement: make-up, clothing, decorative items, high-tech accessories, etc. Product placement also works for events or services: festivals, hotels, restaurants and more.

The key element to ensure the success of your Influencer Marketing operation is to define which personality with best present your brand. If a Youtuber accepts to promote a product which does not really match the spirit of their channel, the product placement will no longer be as subtle and may, contrary to your expectations, have a negative effect on your image.

Above all, therefore, you need to choose an influencer whose values are in line with your brand positioning. It’s all about credibility. Their popularity lies first and foremost in the relationship of trust with their community.

This must not be broken! You could end up generating a bad buzz. For example, if you sell ethical clothing, we would recommend calling on a Youtube influencer specialising in eco-friendly products.

When drawing up your criteria, try to choose influencers with strong potential. For example, the engagement rate of followers is a fundamental element to consider in advance.

A Youtuber may well have a vast community but a very low conversion rate! So analyse the statistics to avoid any nasty surprises.

Also bear in mind that there are a multitude of video formats, from the daily Vlogger which consists of filming an ordinary day, to stunts (falls and bad gags) not forgetting hauls, where a product is unwrapped in front of the camera and whose most well-known ambassador is EnjoyPhoenix.

Each video format has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, daily vlogs call for permanent investment due to the filming and many sequences required. They are particularly used for travel blogs, as demonstrated by Youtubers Madame Oreille, Laurent Caccia, Guillaume Néry and Lily Rose.

As for pranks, these are very viral and can also be watched several times. Stunt heroes such as Roman Atwood, Ken’stunt and Jorian Ponomareff get millions of pageviews.

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