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Children's and baby brands: the rise of influencers collaborations in 2024

In 2024, Influencer Marketing will be more essential than ever for brands in the children's sector. This development is not just a trend, but a revolution in the way brands connect with their audience. Mompreneurs, with their strong presence on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, symbolized by millions of mentions and views (indeed, the #mompreneur tallies nearly 11m mentions on Instagram and 29m views on TikTok), are at the heart of this transformation.

Baby seen from above with his toys

Figures like @Melissab (21k followers on Instagram) in France and @FriedaLewin (76k followers on Instagram) in Germany show that success in this field isn't just about promoting products. These influencers weave authentic stories around parenthood and family life, creating a deep and lasting bond with their followers. Their collaborations with brands like @Milupa_official (31.1k followers on Instagram) are not simple commercial transactions, but exchanges of values and experiences.

Influencer Marketing and momfluencers by Tajinebanane

In the coming months, the role of momfluencers will be more decisive than ever in Influence Marketing. Their unique approach, based on sharing their family lives and product recommendations, offers a deeper, more personal dimension than traditional advertising. These content creators, like @libbycaradicce (3k followers on Instagram), illustrate the ability of momfluencers to transform authenticity into influence through original and successful content creation. Representing brands like Tajinebanane (230k followers on Instagram), they demonstrate how personal stories and authentic advice can build a strong connection with a diverse audience.

Tajinebanane, led by Alison Cavaillé-Jouannet (47k followers on Instagram), is a good example. The brand has succeeded in transcending the digital world and social platforms to open physical boutiques, offering innovative products that meet the needs of modern parents (Tajinebanane, in particular, means being able to breastfeed anywhere, thanks to clothes that are adapted and, what's more, in step with the times).

These developments testify to the growing importance of Influence Marketing in the overall strategy of brands. Content creators like @MllePoline (69k followers on Instagram) play a crucial role in brand expansion, sharing their experience with their communities and strengthening the brand's presence on social platforms.

So, by 2024, children's and baby brands working with momfluencers can expect a significant increase in brand awareness and customer loyalty, thanks to more personalized marketing approaches focused on the user experience.

The need for brands in the children's sector to engage in Influence Marketing in 2024 is therefore essential. It's a strategy that goes beyond simple marketing: it creates communities, builds relationships and provides a platform for sharing stories and experiences. In an increasingly digitized world, where authenticity and trust are becoming precious currencies, the brands that embrace this new era of Influence Marketing will be the ones that thrive and stand out.

Instagram: the preferred platform for children's and baby brands

In 2023, Instagram confirmed itself as the platform of choice for brands in the children's and early years sector. This preference is explained by the high engagement rates and significant interaction observed on the platform. Indeed, in the French market, the engagement rate for brands in the children's and baby ready-to-wear segment on the Reels format is 2.3% (1% on posts). For the toys segment in France, the engagement rate for Instagram posts is 16% and 2.7% for Reels. It's also worth noting that Instagram accounts for 85% of post engagement (all social platforms combined), versus 15% for TikTok.

On Instagram, "momfluencers" find fertile ground for storytelling, not only sharing their experiences of motherhood but also integrating products into captivating narratives that resonate with parents.

These authentic narratives foster deep emotional engagement. For example, statistics from a study by HubSpot and Mention in 2022 showed that storytelling posts on Instagram generated a higher average engagement rate than traditional publications.

However, this rate varies according to the sector, as in education it reaches 3.44%. This data underlines the effectiveness of storytelling on Instagram, as publications that tell a story or present personal experiences tend to engage audiences more. What's more, the visual nature of Instagram is ideal for highlighting children's and baby products, and integrating them into everyday stories.

User-generated content (UGC) on Instagram, where parents actively share their experiences with products, creates an engaged and authentic community. Brands leverage this UGC to boost their visibility and credibility, by re-sharing users' positive experiences.

It's also worth noting that 84% of consumers are more likely to trust a marketing campaign from a brand that incorporates UGC, according to Entribe. Also, UGC-based ads achieve click-through rates four times higher than average.

So it's hardly surprising that some brands in the sector have made this their signature on social platforms. This is notably the case for French brand Mustela, which, alongside well-identified KOLs, is making a name for itself on social platforms thanks to a well-mastered UGC strategy. On the brand's social accounts (notably the American Instagram account), there is a significant amount of content generated for the brand by ambassadors, content creators and consumers who recognize themselves in the values and products offered by Mustela.

Contests (also known as "giveaways"), particularly popular on Instagram, also serve as an interactive tool for engaging the community. These contests encourage parents to share creative moments with their children, increasing brand visibility. This is notably the strategy regularly adopted by Danish brand, LEGO on its Instagram account, provoking euphoria among its fans. Reels and Stories formats, meanwhile, offer innovative ways to present products entertainingly and educationally, capturing the attention of modern parents.

The combination of storytelling, UGC, contests, Reels and Stories formats makes Instagram a strategic platform for brands and momfluencers. This alliance between authenticity and engagement creates an enriching experience for parents, making Instagram an essential trust and commerce space for all stakeholders in the children's and baby products sector.

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