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Update on Instagram’s new features at the beginning of the year

What are the new features announced by Instagram in early 2020? Answer in this article.

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Instagram is the image of social media, which has now become a must in the world of Influencer Marketing. However, with the advent of TikTok among the younger generation, the platform must innovate to retain its users and face strong competition.

Here are the latest features coming to Instagram in 2020, announced by Facebook.

A new way to sort through your subscriptions

Since the end of 2019, Instagram is testing a new feature to sort its subscriptions. Interests (fashion, beauty, lifestyle…), subscription date, frequency of interaction… These are the new sorts that will soon be available on the platform.

Instagram has announced that it will extend this functionality to all countries in which the platform is used. These sorts will be accessible by clicking directly on its Instagram subscriptions, in the dedicated tab.

Edit your videos like a pro

As we know, video is a format that is now indispensable for delivering rich and engaging content on social media. It’s a format that appeals especially to young people, TikTok‘s usage data proves it.

As if to counter this growing social media, Instagram has developed new “Boomerang” features to offer the possibility to edit quality videos.

“SlowMo” allows you to slow down the video, “Echo” creates a double vision effect, “Duo” adjusts the speed of the Boomerang and “Découpage” allows you to choose the beginning and the end of the video.

Monetization of IGTV

Still, with the same desire to develop video on its platform, Instagram will also propose the monetization of IGTV content, similar to what Youtube offers. The IGTV service is little used by influencers. The story format remains the one that appeals most.

This monetization opportunity may be a way for the platform to attract more influencers to IGTV but it is also, once again, a way to get ahead of TikTok. TikTok does not currently offer monetization for content creators.

Share your private messages as a story

It is not uncommon to see screenshots of private messages published as a story. This is a way for influencers to show the commitment of their community and thus, indirectly, to show authenticity.

Instagram will offer the possibility to relay these messages into a story with a simple click. This is a new feature that will facilitate the sharing of content and therefore the activity of influencers present on the platform.

Share a map of your location

In addition to the “Position” tag available on the feed and in the story, it will soon be possible to display a map of the exact place where you are.

There are more and more ways to share content and allow influencers to speak out on a daily and above all interactive basis.

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