How NV GALLERY fuses agility, creativity and influence to scale internationally

Design furniture might not be your top-of-mind-product for an online business. NV GALLERY has tackled this space masterfully and been making waves since launch in 2016. Their secret? A unique concept and creative product offering, blended with agile principles and a heavy focus on international content creators. 


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Founded in 2016, NV GALLERY is a French furniture and home decor brand. Known for its contemporary and stylish designs, the brand blends modern aesthetics with functional elements. NV GALLERY offers a range of furniture pieces, including sofas, chairs, tables, and accessories, catering to a modern and chic taste in home furnishings. The brand focuses on quality materials and craftsmanship to create pieces that contribute to a sophisticated and trendy interior decor.

Creating credibility and social proof through KOL partnerships 

Selling a couch at a fairly elevated price point is not an easy endeavor with online customers. People can’t simply touch the fabric, test how comfy it is, or easily imagine how it fits within their individual home decoration aspirations. What’s more, the higher the investment, the longer the decision-making process. That’s why leveraging a host of trusted and credible sources that can attest to the product’s quality, is vital to ensuring success . 

In the design space, Key Opinion Leaders (K.O.L) are therefore one of the key ressources consumers turn to before hitting the ‘add to cart’ button. Unsurprisingly, they play a pivotal role within NV GALLERY’s marketing strategy. 

“The Covid pandemic created a huge momentum for us at NV GALLERY,” explains Elisabeth Gizard, Head of Marketing and Communications at NV GALLERY. “People came to realize how important it is to feel comfortable and well at home. They also became more open to buying furniture online, yet they wanted to be sure that they were making the right decision. With the lack of possibility to go to a store and look at the design and materials themselves, KOLs came to play a huge role in creating social proof and credibility.” 

Simultaneously with the Pandemic-induced rise of online purchases, many players emerged and created solid competition for the Parisian design studio. Partnering with the right ambassadors was therefore key for NV GALLERY, which has increased its Share of Voice in Earned Media Value (EMV) by more than 107% between 2022 and 2023

“Verifying a KOL’s quality is crucial for us, said Gizard. “We often end up working with influencers for a longer period of time and even utilize their content to create ads, a method that’s been driving a lot of success for us over the past year.”
Kolsquare’s credibility score and granular data insight are very valuable in this process. Not only do they accelerate our research and outreach efforts, they also help us measure the impact of our partnerships and iterate quickly. We are very data-driven and set ourselves specific goals that we meticulously track and follow. Evaluating data in real-time and measuring the impact of our influencer campaigns in Kolsquare has therefore become a core staple of our strategy.” 

A Digital Native Vertical Brand, NV GALLERY follows a highly agile ‘test and learn’  strategy. This mindset has also helped position the brand successfully on an international level, driving new revenue streams for the startup. 

Converting internationally with the help of relevant creators who reach the right audience

NV GALLERY is born and bred in the trendy and design-savvy neighborhoods of central Paris. The brand’s unique styles and innovative approach to making design furniture accessible to a wider population is, however, far from limited to the French capital. 

“We realized early that we have the potential to expand,” said Gizard. “Our designs are creative, timeless, and appeal to a huge number of people. Engaging with international creators was an obvious choice for us.” 
Test and Learn'' again proved to be a successful strategy for NV GALLERY, especially when trying to understand the idiosyncrasies of new and unfamiliar markets. 
“We tried out pretty much everything — niche KOLs, celebrity influencers, DIY champions… In Germany especially, we had to iterate a few times to make sure our KOL roster was top-notch to reach the right audience in this market,” explains Gizard. 
“We realized that many great German KOLs producing beautiful content and legit recommendations in the design space are not necessarily followed by a local audience. As a matter of fact, most of their followers were based in the US, as we found out by analyzing audience insights through Kolsquare. Setting a filter to a minimum of 30% of German followers has been a game changer for making sure our campaigns convert.

Using data to engage with KOLs who really match with their target audience has been a huge driver for NV GALLERY, who continue to expand into new markets right across Europe. 

Make sure to follow NV GALLERY on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube, and check out their website to stay up to date with their latest campaigns and designs! 

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